I want a game that lets me piss on dead Iraqi children!

Where can I find this game? And will Tom Chick be reviewing this game any time soon?

How odd, me too. I’m developing it right now.

On the other hand, you totally sound like a bath guy.

I agree with the war…but jesus tapdancing christ, you rednecked fuckard… :x

Yay america!

I always thought it was more fun when they were alive. But you can always go to South Africa to learn the right way to treat children.


America. Where you have the freedom to be a total weiner idiot.

Unless the poster’s from somewhere else, of course. (Except Australia. I’d never slander an Australian. Wouldn’t want to get sued.)

Postal 2 has gone gold, so look for the Iraq mod coming soon…

I’m sure you have a good explanation for the web search you were doing that turned up a story about children having sex with dogs…

Yes I do. http://www.poe-news.com - it was submitted to me. I never search on that term except for google’s image search. Too many words with that article.

Not exactly in the best of taste, but it was almost funny.

Shouldn’t this whole thread be sited in the “Should we ban anonymous accounts?” topic?

I can’t believe you took him seriously.

R. Kelly would approve.

well, maybe not the dead part.

Romero would approve though since there’s no rape involved!

He’s probably from Gone Gold.

He’s probably from Gone Gold.

Yeah, probably :roll:

That was such a great point, you had to make it twice, eh?

What about a game that lets you piss off dead Iraqi children?

It could be based on that Tony Kushner play that was exerpted in The Nation a few weeks ago.

Dude. In fact, I’m totally getting my developer pals on this case! It could be the next Doom 3!