I want a (good) news aggregator.Does such a thing exist?

Tried Flipboard. WAY too much entertainment and celebrity shit, even after I turn those options off.

I tried Opera News. Half the damned “news” articles are from places like RedState.

I want an aggregator that lets me select categories of news AND sticks to those categories.

Ideally it would let me blacklist or whitelist sources. Ideally, it would let me emphasize things outside of just major “categories.” For example, select not just for National News, but emphasize New York news, or New England news, or etc. Let me choose “Sports” but blacklist hockey, soccer, NBA basketball.

You get the idea. Just something highly customizable. I’m willing to pay for such a creature, but so far I haven’t found it.

I use protopage and just add feeds to it.

I still use RSS. I pay for Bazqux to do it and read either on the website (on desktop) or using the Lire app (on iOS). The guy also pays for a full-text extractor so I don’t need to click through to websites to read the content.

I played around with running my own with TinyTinyRSS and basically got it where I liked it, but didn’t seem worth the trouble when Bazqux works so well. One of very few services to which I subscribe.

I use https://feedly.com/ and really like it.

Feedly is far more popular. Same thing different UI, and I don’t think they offer full-text feeds.

RSS, pick exactly which feeds you want.

I’ll have to try it then!

I’m a Bazqux fan. It’s lightning-fast and the UI is clean and configurable. He took forever to add dark mode but it’s there now, my last major complaint. Run by a single Russian dude, this is how he makes his living.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check them out tonight.

Wait, what???

For gaming news I rely on https://thegamerspost.com/

I know, that’s why it’s a strong endorsement!

I love Feedly. Been using it since Google killed Reader.

I’m into Feedly

Same here - been using Feedly since Google Reader got nuked.