I want Darklands!

Does anybody know if a game similar to Darklands is being developed?

I especially liked the unique approach to “magic” the game took.

My second question is - does anyone know of a way to procure a playable copy of the original Darklands game? My computer doesn’t even have a 5 1/4 drive any more (duh). I’ve tried some old DOS games that just wouldn’t run right on my modern machine…

Great game once it got patched. Still one of my favorite RPGs.

On EBay you can occasionally find a copy with 3.5 disks to install with.

The Ultimate Darklands site which did deal in legitimate updated copies of the game seems to be shut down, though Home of the Underdogs still links there.


<Cradles his original copy of Darklands CD Rom>

TSG is right on all counts, but you can still find Darklands on eBay. It’s worth it, as there’s been no RPG like it since. Shame that it sold so poorly that there probably will never be a sequel. :(

So will it run on a modern computer? (PIV, Windows XP)

Also - any links to patch?

I’m a huge fan of Darklands, and I’ve always wished for a sequel. I think the best chance of getting something like darklands would be to do a “sequel in spirit.” Perhaps one that was set in space.

For instance, you would have the “galaxy map” instead of the Germany map, you’d have a “party” of starfighters, and you’d have pausable tactical combat against other bands of starships or capital ships.

While roaming around the galaxy, you’d be visiting planets and starbases and asteroids and possibly even using the same kind of menu-driven interface.

While in port, you could purchase upgrades for your starship, trade, etc.

Ok somebody…Get to work!

Not really…

Apparently, some people have had success getting it to run with EXTREME machinations and hassle.

Personally, I have two old machines DEDICATED to running Darklands. These machines BOOT to Darklands.

My advice for somebody who wants to run darklands is to cobble together some old parts. A 486 of some stripe or a low end Pentium (90 or 120) and throw in an old Soundblaster 16 or so, and put DOS on it.

That’s your best bet. You can probably get a machine like that on eBay for cheapy-cheap.

Darklands runs like a champ for me on Windows XP Pro.

Several people at Vogon’s seem to have been able to get it to work under Windows XP. You might see if some of their general tips work for you, or if not, post a message on their forums. Vogon’s is full of incredibly knowledgable guys dedicated to getting these chthonic little games running on our modern day porn abacuses.

I remember reading somewhere that the pauseable real-time combat in BG was inspired by Darklands, but BG doesn’t qualify as a “sequel in spirit.” You’d have to have a more open world, I suppose, with movement on some kind of overland map.

I like your outer space idea, but I’d also love to see less conventional backdrops for a Darklands-style game: the Old West, feudal Japan, the world of Watership Down…

You know, I was going to refer you to


But to my dismay, the site no longer seems to be around. That site went up early last year, was apparently put up by the original developers, and they had repackaged and were selling the original game for about, I think, US $40. Pretty steep price, but they were legit copies. Now they seem to be gone.

Archive.org still has the order page for UltimateDarklands.com on its server, and there’s lots of contact info there. Maybe you could still get in touch with them for a copy.

Thanks for the link, Doc. Email has been sent, and I’ll let y’all know what kind of response I get.

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This was the best broken game I ever loved. I remember lots of crashes and broken quests, but damn what a fun game.

The setting, and the manual that fleshed it out well, I think was a great foundation for the game. Then the character creation was a fresh approach. Choosing different professions to build stats/skills and then having to balance these gains against the effects of old age that got worse and worse as you kept training.

I really wish someone would do a remake.

Lionheart, if for no other reason than its alternate history fiction, is about the closest thing that comes to mind with regards to stuff in the works.


I’ve never played a game where my characters seemed so real to me.

I think Jagged Alliance 2 has come the closest.

It seems like more game characters are nothing more than paper-dolls or spreadsheet avatars.

“Hey my level 42 (fill in the blank here) just dealt 36 damage to the level 19 (fill in the blank here)”

Neat - o.

Maybe I was more innocent back then, perhaps my expectations were lower, but my Darklands characters actually seemed alive.

Even brilliantly put together games like Planescape and the Fallouts still leave me feeling like somebody reading a “choose your own adventure” book. The good games fool me into thinking I’m actually making decisions, but in the end, I was just turning the pages.

One could argue Morrowind attempts Darklands-style immersiveness, but it ultimately failed for me.

I too have hope that Lionheart will be good.

Any Darklands links would be appreciated, though.

Brian, why not call him about a copy? And if the phone conversation escalates from renaissance-fair RPG love to the inevitable next step - homoerotic love - don’t call me to research how to insert yourself into him. Your detective skills in this thread have been embarassing. :)