I want money

I really want it
If you have any money give me what you can

Hope Mr. Xohomv, who is no longer with us, doesn’t mind the edit.





Clearly! However, since the original post contained no promise of reciprocity, I would argue that it would constitute


Or maybe, since this is a gaming forum:

I want money too, so I work my fucking ass off for it.

Hey, give poor Xohomv some credit: at least his email was VERY up-front about his purpose. He didn’t try to hide anything!

Quit exploiting users to shill your stupid forum.

Really … nobody is going to link the O’Jays? It’s the best bass riff of the bunch!


Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Guy just came right out with it.

I wish the scammers on dating apps were this direct

Would have been funny but mean to put something in there that gives negative credit like, i dunno, crude oil or something :P

Hah, did you just edit the link? Was the content of the post untouched? Because I sort of admire his boldness!


In my effort to balance the universe, I have to share that I do not want money (but people insist you need it? Fuck off, the world!),