I want to install XP Pro full (non-upgrade) over XP Home

I have my old rig which I use for internets tomfoolery which, at this point in time, runs the laughably out of date XP Home with only System Pack 1 installed (2 fails to install for some reason, who knows, I’m stupid) and I came across an actual legal copy of XP Pro which I want to install on it instead. It sez on the box it’s not an upgrade, but a full version meant for PCs with Win95 or earlier or nothing at all, so it’s not the upgade version. Alas.

So anyway, the real deal is saving all my stuff (programs, mainly) and then transferring it onto the new OS. What would be the best way to pull this off?

I’m pretty certain the XP Pro full CD will perform an upgrade of XP Home. Stick it in your PC, from within your XP Home install, and see if it offers the option.

I can’t recall if XP Pro will upgrade install over XP Home, but if it doesn’t, I’m pretty sure you can do a repair install of XP Pro over XP Home, but it will require immidiate activation before you can even log on to your existing account.

As mono said, I think it will upgrade just fine. Try just popping the disc in there when you’ve got XP booted. If you’ve got autostart on, it should present you with your options, if not, double click the disc in your “My Computer” view.

Generally speaking, when it comes to Windows installs, not being the “upgrade version” doesn’t mean you can’t use that disc to upgrade, it just means you’re free to install it without having to prove to the installer that you already own an older version of Windows if you’re doing a fresh install. There are some restrictions on which version can be upgrade to which other version, but I think Home->Pro works fine (the other way… Pro->Home… doesn’t, IIRC).

Awesome, thanks guys.