I want to say F*** Bluetooth

Both my pairs of fancy headphones work damn near flawlessly across my phone and two laptops, and my expensive mice never have a problem. I think Bluetooth is one of those things where you get what you pay for to some extent (I do hear good things about mid-market Jabra devices though too).

To get truly good sounding wireless audio in your car, you’ll need wireless Android Auto or CarPlay. Those technologies use WiFi instead of Bluetooth. I really want this for my car, just waiting for price to come down. The unit I’m looking at (this one) currently costs $700. Ouch.

The MS (ugh) infotainment unit in my 2014 Ford is such an unbelievable piece of shit. The Bluetooth mostly works, and that’s the kindest thing I can say about it.

I have no problem with the audio quality of my BT headphones or external speakers but the dealing with pairing and unpairing between headphones, watch, and two external speakers (car because it is old and office) is crazy. Add in the hassle of keeping the infrequently used BT headphones charged when I want them and I’d much rather just deal with cords!

I’ve never unpaired a device in my life.

Much of it is seemingly random unpairing. I’ll go to pick up the headphones after not using them for a month and they are unpaired.

I also seem to remember having problems when I had a speaker in the car, a speaker in the office/man cave, and my headphones all having been paired and all in range but I’ll admit that hasn’t been a problem in over a year since I left the speakers behind in my last move.

Heh, I still use a Bluetooth/FM transmitter to play music in my car. The stereo volume has to be turned way up to hear the Bluetooth; it’s great when it drops the FM signal.

Maybe someone here can I explain this to me. When I’m looking for an empty FM channel to switch the transmitter to, I get the best clarity within a couple kHz of an existing broadcaat. If I find an empty stretch in the mid-90s or high-100s range, the connection has a lot more static. Seems counterintuitive.

Sounds like nothing drilling holes wouldn’t fix.

Oh, how many dilemmas resolved by that very sentiment.

Ya might hate apple products for many reasons, but their bluetooth implementation does not have this problem. I pair my airpods to my laptop, ipad, and phone (and swap between them frequently) without any problem. It’s interesting to read how much people don’t like the technology, because for me it “just works”.

Again, I’ve tried other bluetooth headphones in the past with the same laptop/ipad/phone combo, and it was…absolute shit. So it’s got to be something to the apple implementation where they really nailed it.

Not trying to take anything away from Apple, as clearly their shit works, but it’s not exclusive to them. Other high-end devices also work great across multiple connections and environments, as noted upthread.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop.

Then I recommend all the haters here buy some gear where it doesn’t suck.

Personally I’d love some good over the ears headphones that had as high a quality level bluetooth implementation, then I would probably only use my airpods for outdoor activities/commuting/gym.

I absolutely adore these Sennheisers.

Beats sells headphones with the W1 chip (same as 1st gen Airpods.)

I was looking at those. It’s weird to read comments like this (perfectly fine except for the bluetooth issue.)
[PS: listening to something right now on my PC350s, and have a pair of HD600s as well]

Huh, weird. I’ve encountered nothing of the sort, but that does sound awful.

I do connect mine regularly to both a win10 laptop and my Pixel 3.

My QC35s handle multiple pairings well.

Kind of the main issue for a lot of us, I am guessing. If you are living in your own kingdom, great for you, but those of us who have to live in cities with over 20 millions souls jogging around claim the right to say fuck Bluetooth.

I use Bluetooth headphones on a packed commuter bus, in a very busy coffee shop, and walking around downtown Seattle, never any issues. You see AirPods, and to a lesser degree other wireless headphones, everywhere in Seattle. They are probably more common than wired at this point. Interference certainly is an issue, I couldn’t use them in the last office I worked, but outside of that office, never been disconnected.

I am really starting to think people with problems are using cheap phones/headphones. I can’t just be lucky with mine.

Yeah they sell us cheaper built versions of Apple products in big cities because of the estate prices.
We were talking interferences, not disconnections.