I wish QT3 was easier to browse from the iPhone

Gripe #1 when using QT3 from an iPhone:

  1. “Go to first unread” button on the main page of the forums is impossible to hit, you pull up the profile of the thread starter. Workaround: Click on thread, click on bigger “go to first unread” button on the page.

  2. It’s impossible to go to the next page or a specific page with the little 1 2 3 4 5 6 page list buttons.

These buttons are annoying and hard to hit on a PC, the iPhone makes it worse.

Waits for the ‘iPhone sucks’ comments made with a level of anger that’s a little worrying considering it’s a phone. Also the ‘stop bitching you don’t pay for this site’ comments.

Well as it wasn’t me to gripe about it first I’ll second the points. Although to be fair I have the same problem on most forums, especially vbulletin ones, not just QT3

Yeah, using Safari to browse qt3 on the iPhone is too clumsy for my tastes. Other forums have actually created their own apps that reformat the forum for the iphone’s screen and add handy controls along the bottom etc… Anyone want to give it a go? :)

Since this is a mostly stock vBulletin site, I would direct all anger about mobile viewing to the vBulletin site.

Please note though that these forums are more than a couple of large releases behind now though. Also note that the iPhone, and mobile phones in general, are a hot topic on the vBulletin forums. It’s completely doable with the current site, but it requires work and time and this is an active board with little tolerance for downtime.

I will agree though, it sucks that you can tweet, check and do stuff on facebook, etc but you have a hard time reading a text only forum on a mobile display. It was true on my Treo, it was true on my Samsung, and now it’s true on my iPhone. Bulletin board coders just do not see the tidal wave of users passing them by.

Just a note that I have been trying out some of the forum apps already on the App Store and have at least found one to be semi functional XPav. It’s currently experincing a nasty bug though, you can’t post or reply to posts on vBulletin. They’ve submitted a fix but the app approval hasn’t gone through yet. Until we get an actual board fix, this at least might make things a bit easier.

Forums app main view:

QT3 Forums view:

Subforum view:

Thread view:

Post view simply looks like entering a new message in email, without the TO and CC lines.

More detail on multiple pages…

A large thread looks like this (notice the page count at the bottom):

Changing the page requires clicking on the “1 of XXX” at the bottom, then setting the page number here:

Again, this would be the perfect app for using this forum … IF I COULD ONLY POST! Hopefully the fix goes through the App Store soon.

What’s the name of the app?

Actually, I could live with that.
I’m no McCullouhg, so I can go a few ours without posting… but I do like reading it on the iPhone and hate having to zoom a lot to switch pages.

So what’s the name, Skipper?

Based on the little smiley face logo on Skipper’s 1st pic I’d say it was this one:


Yet another reason to love the AppStore… “Our app’s bug/limitation/whatever has been fixed and the fixed version was submitted to Apple. Maybe you’ll be able to download it in a month… maybe… if you’re lucky!”

Oops, yep it’s the “Forums” app.

Some resourceful fellow should make a nice dedicated QT3 app like the excellent NeoGAF app.

Let’s see the qualifications to make an app.

  1. Has an iPhone
  2. Reads QT3
  3. Has a Mac
  4. Is a software developer
  5. Is a member of the iPhone development program.


Shit, I meet all 5. I guess I really can’t complain, but if the “Forums” app works, I’ll use it.

I’m giving Forums a try, too.

What would a Qt3 app require, anyway? Speed dial buttons for snark?

We’d probably need some snark buttons for sure. And a “Tapir” button that caused the app to exit.

How is forums working for everyone? Does it allow you to quick jump to the bottom of a thread? Does it remember your login credentials?

I’m noticing in the comments for that Forums app that it doesn’t allow you to log in. That’s a no sale (it’s $2.99) for me, because that way it won’t sync my reading with my laptop.

I would kill (and by kill, I mean pay a little bit of money) for a Qt3 app, but a proper forums app that allows logging in and posting would do it for me. Someone please let me know when that arrives.

Bah, no sale for me either. I would also pay good money for a qt3 app if anyone is ambitious enough to make one.

Shhh don’t tell anybody but ummm this is exactly my iphone app project I’m working on in my spare time. I don’t have a time frame but I was planning to post here when I get to the stage where I need beta testers.