i7-7700k multiplier locked?


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Note that silentpcreview article is comparing against the NH-D15 with one stock fan removed.
[/quote]Scroll down for the dual-fans.


Here’s the dual fan results, which were on the page I linked. The NH-D15 is just under the Swiftech H240-X

That Prolimatech Genesis is hilarious by the way.


Why use air-cooling, though? I didn’t think anyone used air-cooling above a low-end build.


“Ok, I’ve installed the CPU and cooler. Now the RAM… oh.”


Because the best air cooling is actually better than almost all AIO water cooling when targeting low fan speeds?


Water cooling is also noisy because of the pump. It was more relevant in the pentium 4 era with 200w dissipation being somewhat regular. Modern CPUs run very cool unless you slap 8 full cores on a die.

Also of note, the best air coolers outperform many of the water coolers per the chart I pasted above.


I’ve never heard my water cooler pump or its fan. Certainly not over the GPU fan.


There is a reason you don’t see many water cooling reviews at silentpcreview.com


Huh, I had to look this up. That’s the argument:

Note: Do NOT use versions of Prime95 later than 26.6 on 2nd through 7th Generation i3, i5 or i7 CPU’s, which all have AVX (Advanced Vector Extension) instruction sets. Recent versions of Prime95 such as 28.9 run AVX code on the CPU’s Floating Point Unit (FPU) which causes unrealistic temperatures up to 20C higher. The FPU test in the utility AIDA64 shows similar results. Core i Pentium and Celeron variants, as well as all Core i Previous (1st) Generation and Core 2 processors are unaffected since they do not have AVX instruction sets.

Hmm. That version of Prime95 is from ye olde 2011. This whole thing sounds a bit voodoo to me.

Your Core temperatures will test 10 to 20C lower with v26.6 than with v28.7.

I agree that it’s a synthetic load for absolute worst case heat torture testing, but to argue that it’s a power virus is a bit much…


Sweet @stusser your suggestion to move the goalposts means my CPU is now demonstrably stable at 4.8 Ghz! It never even gets to 80c with Prime95 26.6.


Mazel Tov!


I stumbled upon this thread as I had exactly the same issue with asus z170i MB and i7 7700k. From what I’ve gathered after googling the problem for hours, is that it appears to be a BIOS issue. There’s a YouTube clip of a guy overclocking his 7700k with an asus z170i using BIOS version 3007.

Unfortunately this version of BIOS is no longer available - someone reckons it was taken down from the asus site for some reason. I missed it and could only get BIOS 3016, that is the latest (and only, I think) version that supports gen 7 Intel. This version does not support ratio o/c as both you and I have discovered. It is also reported as such in hwinfo64.

I have emailed asus querying this. It’s obviously largely irrelevant to you as you’ve moved on 🙂. I was thinking of doing the same thing but may hang onto my cash a bit longer and see if asus come up with a solution to this. I also thought it may help anyone else in the same predicament as it took my hours to track the issue down 😐


Well I hope my info helped you! It was super friggin frustrating so I am glad I could contribute to a solution.