IBM Thinkpad P150 - The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Platform?

Alright, so it’s not small and it’s both ungainly and unsightly by today’s standards but, man, does it blow doors on anything else I’ve seen. Advance Wars. Woohoo?

I’m loading up for a trip away for a while and decided to see how much of what I could get on there:

Steel Panthers: World at War (sans megacampaigns)
Civilization II
X-Com: UFO Defense
Complete Carriers at War
Harpoon Classic 97
LucasArt’s Outlaws (with additional levels)
Emperor of The Fading Suns
King of Dragon Pass (minimum installation)
Battlezone (RTS/FPS not the arcade game)
Shadow Watch
Romance of The Three Kingdoms IV
Civil War Generals II
Aces of The Deep
Chaos Overlords

Tested but not currently installed:

Daggerfall (with mouse)
Die By The Sword
Grand Theft Auto Director’s Cut and GTA London 1969

Eat your heart out Gameboy.