Icarus, flying too close to space bears

I couldn’t find a topic on this, and I’m not yet sure what to think about it myself, but this will be the first beta weekend and I’m sure there will be a bunch of gameplay streamed.

I find the idea of it being session based PVE with co-op quite interesting. At first I wasn’t a fan of the idea of violent weather that could destroy things you’d built, but since it seems like all such constructions are temporary anyway I’ve warmed up to the thought as that sort of removes the mental aspect of becoming attached to what you’ve built and puts it squarely into necessity territory.

Since you can refund prior to full release, I plan on checking it out later.

It looks interesting, but part of the narrative is that you need to find oxygen. However, the planet is full of fauna that looks just like things you would see on earth and they can breathe. Also there are some screen shots of torches and fire places, both of which require oxygen to work.

I mean it may be cool, but they should at least be consistent with their narrative.

I hadn’t thought about that, but that is a bit weird. Curious if they have a nerdy explanation for that.

So is this similar in concept to Deeprock Galactic, albeit with taller folk?

I haven’t played Deeprock, but doesn’t that have a bit of tower defense to it?

My impression was this is mainly about the environment and critters offering the challenge and the excursions or ‘prospects’ being time limited.

It’s been quite a while and I didn’t play it a ton, but I don’t recall any tower defense in Deeprock. You go in on your ship and mine what you can as the bugs get more and more aggressive. When you’ve filled up, have to head back to the ship and try to escape with your load of ore and minerals before you get overwhelmed.

EDIT: To be clear, I think it’s a pretty cool premise and would not at all mind to see it repeated. This just sounded similar to that and I wanted to see if I was on the right track or was misunderstanding what they’re going for.

Ah, the ‘hordes’ of things part of Deeprock kind of gave me that impression, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I’m mainly curious to see what this does since the environment looks really neat and it’s co-op, and PVE so it might make a cool game to play with friends that like survival stuff minus the usual shittery that comes along with stuff like Rust or Ark.

Sounds like once you hit the planet you are in your own little instance. you can invite friends or people can join you once down there, but you won’t be running around with anyone you don’t invite…that’s a bonus.

Played about an hour and a half.

It’s got a little bit of beta jank, but the environment is actually gorgeous. My thoughts could change, but so far I think anyone who liked Ark with friends on a private server will probably dig this quite a bit.

The tech and talent trees are extensive, but follow a general logical progression.

It’s a little rough to start, especially solo and trying to grasp the rules. I also hate that I can’t rebind the keys yet, but I enjoyed it.

Not going to play the beta but I’m weirdly excited for this game. Since the pandemic started I have a gaming group going that plays once a week. The fact that sessions have a time limit would be perfect for that. We have been hesitant to start some serious crafting game because progress would be so slow if we only play once a week. I’m a little bit worried that the game itself might not have enough interesting activities. But fingers crossed 🤞.

I’d check out the beta if they weren’t restricting it to weekends only. Does anyone do betas the way they used to be anymore? You know, like, give me early access to the game and let me check it out at my own pace? I work on the weekend. Thanks, devs. :/

Sure! Look at the thousands of Early Access titles on Steam. :)

I will patiently wait for upcoming beta events to see how it shakes out, but even with the limited things to do and unlock I had fun with it.

If the mission framework they are planning on works well, I can definitely see it being a good time for co-op with friends.

Having a goal, a time limit and no griefing (from strangers anyway) makes it pretty appealing.

The basic mechanics in place are real solid and mostly easy to understand.

It’s probably the second most interesting game of its kind in recent memory after Valheim.

So, I tried this last night and refunded it an hour later. While the premise might be somewhat interesting, the performance was absolutely horrible. I put all my settings on Low (started on High) and still was getting like 5 frames per second. The beta crashed on me twice in that time as well. If this is releasing in 3 months I will need some convincing on optimization before I take the plunge. For reference, I can run CP2077 just fine on this machine.

The gameplay loop is you are dropped down to the planet, and you have approximately 20 hours to gather as much stuff as you can, build a small shelter from the elements, and progress the tech tree. You need to return to space before the timer is up. The tech tree was nice but somewhat misleading, as the oxygen machine you need is several rungs up the ladder, but because of the way the tree is structured you can learn it very quickly (and must really)

If you want to play the non-laggy version go to Netflix and watch “Prospect” and you will have the vibe =)

I had no crashes and was up to 100 fps at times, but I also turned off Vsync because it felt laggy.

Weirdly, turning UP the FOV somehow increased fps for me by a good 30%. It definitely had some bugs and teething issues with that stuff.

And so goes PC gaming. What’s good for the goose is buggy for the gander. This seems totally like my jam, so maybe I will have better luck in a month of patches or so.

I saw a bit of Cohh playing and thought it looked like just another builder. I didn’t realize there was this meta-progression thing going on (nor did I realize that the worlds don’t all look like Earth). Possibly interesting if you had a fixed gaming group who would play this. Not sure how much fun it’d be solo.

I didn’t see any fire during my play, but apparently it’s kind of detailed. I presume this will be quite dangerous when the severe weather events are in play.

Apparently some extra changes and things for the upcoming weekend, more than I expected really.

I just purchased the game and launched it to see if I’d get a “servers not online” message or the like. Imagine my surprise when I was able to start playing beta weekend 2 early! Servers are up.