Icarus, flying too close to space bears

Originally, the game was meant as a series of missions, based on a planet, where you started from scratch at every mission start, with nothing.

The missions got progressively harder, both because of the different biomes and monsters, but also becuause of harder weather and shorter time limits. Hell, originally the time limits were REAL TIME, instead of in-game time.

The gameplay loop was each mission gave you money and resources, enabling you to unlock, and purchase various shortcuts. (A forge, a weapon, an axe and so on), thus making each missions start easier, even though the missions were harder.

I will assume you have running an open world instance, instead of mission based where you are time limited? The reason open world type of game exists instead of pure mission based as was the original intent, was that part of the playerbase was vocal about wanting a permanent open world, instead of having to rebuild every time.

The game isnt really setup for that sort of gaming though, leading to you questioning what the game is about.

Shortly, the missions will be available in open world as well, leading to a bit more to do, I assume.

The 3 currencies are used to unlock progressively better gear, and are progressively harder to get.

its a fun game, but its a bit schizophrenic in how it works right now.

If I should recommend something, right now, it would be to play the games missions, and not the open world. Then you have a point and goal every time.

I hope the above makes sense, and is of use to you!

Thanks for that. I do have the radio thingy and I did a few missions with that, but not have left my home base. The guns nerds and steel guy is starting a series on this game, and I am learning a lot from it.

As a single player, can I unlock all blueprints? I heard that I am limited to 40 talent points, but do I need to be careful about what I unlock for blueprints or am I pretty safe in unlocking whatever I want?

I don’t think the big missions are available (yet) via radio, but I cant readily recall.

All blueprints can be unlocked easily. Its only your character build where you have to specialize :-)

I have some mixed feelings about the game. The world is beautiful, and I like walking around exploring it.
However, the missions can be very grindy and seem to not be calibrated for single players.

For example, I am on a Tier 1 mission that was labeled Farming. I thought it would be fast, but it is super grindy. It actually has two parts, farming and hunting.

For some idiotic reason, they put the two objective points (one for farming and one for hunting far apart. Its not like you can go hunting while you wait for your crops to grow.

Anyway, I knocked out the farming fast, with a bunch of farm plots and foraging. However the hunting part is where it really is grindy. Thank god I have the perk which lets you see animal health bars, so I can at least see in the distance that there are some animals in some direction.

However, the real problem is animal fur. The quest requires like 800 fur. This is crazy. I have met all other hunting goals, but am just about half way on the fur. I am using the skinning table too. I can only get 10 to 15 fur per animal IF I can carry it to a table. Those big horse things (even the babies) and some deer can not be carried. The horse only gives me 4 fur per kill.

Overall this game would be so much better if you could take all your gear and stuff on missions. The missions would of course have to give you a better description of what you faced. Workshop items should just be special blueprints you unlock, but still have to craft. You should be able to repair those items without the special repair kits and the high-tech repair station.

I am not sure how much longer this game will hold my interest. The grind is killing me. Maybe in a few more years the devs will have removed their heads from their asses, and done something decent. The lack of the ability (without the high tech consumable item) to annotate the map still pisses me off. There is no reason for that.

That mission is the absolutely WORST in the game. I feel sorry for you, taking it. I dont even recall if its possible to avoid it,

I hated that quest, and you are right, the pelts took FOREVER to gather. Some of the other quests are better :-)
Also, its fun to try the other biomes, Desert, Arctic and so on. Some of them are a bit hard though, thus the purchasable weapons are a good headstart.

Oh - and the annotation thing - I could have sworn the devs have said it would be implemented, but not yet, apparently!