Iceland travel

Went to Whistler, BC. Mountain resort for 3 days. I used to live in Vail, CO and have always loved mountain towns so it was a good vacation…the kid had never been there and loved it…so, worth it.

Maybe next year…but now my wife lost her job…so maybe not!

Hi, my Dad and I are planning to go to Iceland in October this year. We want to see the glaciers and ice caves, but the only information I can find about these are in relation to booked tours with guides. Are you allowed to just drive there and show up to see these places alone or is it necessary by some rules or common sense to have a guide?

I think you would want a guide and it’s probably required. As soon as you get slightly off road in Iceland, the “roads” get very sketchy. Requiring guides prevents them from having to send out rescue parties for countless tourists. The off road terrain also is fragile and they don’t want people driving wherever they desire.

That was my impression from our trip there as well. There was a park area where we hiked and could walk close to what was technically the edge of a glacier, and maybe there are other parks and trail areas where you could get closer to some part of the edge of glacier without a guide, but if you actually want to go walk around on one in a meaningful way and certainly if you want to get into an ice cave, you would need a guide or tour service.