I'd like to solve the puzzle

Can you complete this Scrabble puzzle? (banner ads, site NSFW)

SUBTEXT. You were perhaps thinking of something dirty?


Right, uh, nevermind!

Says Major Icehole.

Don’t fucking tell me what irony is!


So there!

This is the actual conversation that ensued when I showed that Scrabble puzzle to Karen:

Karen: [looks at puzzle]

Me: “Well?”

Karen: [looks some more]

Karen: “Is it… sexbutt?”

Me: “Is it… wait, what? Sexbutt? That’s not even a… I mean it’s… Oh for Christ’s sake, never mind.”

I was trying really hard not to laugh, because the image that popped into my head when she said that was of Richard Dawson turning to the board and shouting out:

“Is it… SEXBUTT?”




“For ten thousand dollars, show me…SEXBUTT!!!”