IDE to USB Converter Kits

In the course of trying to get rid of my old computer junk so that I can move, I’ve ended up with something like 10 IDE hard drives of various sizes and ages that have, at one time or another, graced one of my computers. Because I’m borderline obsessive about these things, I’d like to run through them and see what’s on them before I toss them. Because I don’t want to take 2 days to do so, I’ve been looking at IDE to USB converters as a means to do this.

Does anyone know anything about these devices? Do they work on any IDE interface, or only certain ones? Can some drives be too small/too large? I know I need one with an external power supply too, as I don’t want to try to grab a power wire out of the computer (having to crack it open would defeat the ease of use argument).

Ideally I wouldn’t mind one with an actual enclosure. At least one of the IDE drives I have sitting around is a 20 or 40 GB drive, which isn’t big enough to deserve a place of honor in my computer any longer, but is big enough to consider dropping in a reasonable sized enclosure to do occasional duty as external backup and data carting to/from my computer. (Especially if I could get it up and running soon enough to use for the latter purpose before I need to clear all the data off of my work machine permanently before moving on to my job.)

Anyone have any articles/pointers/suggestions? Price is a factor, inasmuch as given two choices that work equally well with one just being uglier, I’d go cheap, but reliability is important too. I don’t really want to pay $80 for the enclosure, though, when I can get a full 160GB external for $90 at Circuit City.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had decent luck w/ generic USB/ATA drive enclosures.
You can power the drives via an included AC adapter, or simply via power over USB. You can find a number of decent models on Newegg. There’s cheaper ones, but this model looks decent and includes an AC adapter: has them for like 20 bucks. I am using one right now and all in all it works great.