Idea for a new game

I’ve been having a load of fun playing Chaos League lately. During one particular game I started thinking how cool it would be to play a futuristic “football” game that used mechs or powered armor.

Mechwarrior football. No holds barred. Whatever the ref didn’t see was absolutely legal. You could have standard championship mode, and after every game you would get a certain number of skill points based upon performance to use toward upgrading your mechs. There would be options for better engines, upgraded bodies, better armor, improved avoidance systems, more advanced weapon systems (stronger axes, swords, shotguns, plasma rifles, SRMs, etc.) improved jump jets, better tracking systems, etc. The list of upgrades could go on and on.

Based upon tonnage a mech would be eligable for specific roles on the field. For example, light mechs would be receivers, heavy mechs would be linemen, etc.

Would anyone else enjoy a game like this? I’d love to see a game where a pass can be deflected by anti-aircraft missles, or a receiver can be taken out of a game because his legs were blown to bits. :D

Speedball and CyberBall both come to mind. And, of course, BloodBowl and NFL Blitz.

Speedball is quite possibly one of the greatest games of all time.

It would probably take all of a night or two to cobble up football rules using classic MechWarrior PnP.

But the paperwork involved with two teams boggles the mind.


I’d just settle for a board game conversion - or an action version - of Bloodbowl. I’m bored with Mechs myself. Makes me think of 2002-2003 season Fox graphics.

Try Chaos league. It isn’t exactly like the other games mentioned here, but it is the closest thing you’ll find with modern graphics. Plus, the announcers are hilarious:

“These guys are playing like a bunch of interior decorators.”

“Look! My favorite part of the game! Cheerleaders!”

The game commentary is generic but highly amusing.

On a vaguely related note, I’m mystified as to why EA hasn’t resurrected the Mutant League franchise by now. An online-capable Mutant League Football 2005 would rock.

And M.U.D.S. (Mean Ugly Dirty Sports). Oh what a great game that was. Of course, hardly anyone here knows that one.


Never heard of MUDS, but I played Speedball back in the day. Great game. The sequel was great too though I didn’t play it as much.

I loved M.U.D.S. too, though it was a little on the easy side. Loved the facts that you could beat up the other team not only ingame but the day before, and that you could win the last match quite easily by filling your team with female members of the same species :).

It’s a shame that updated pc version of Speedball the bitmap brothers were meant to be working on back in 2001 got canned. I still imagine how that game could have been done without becoming an unreal tournament clone or similar.

I suspect the bitmap brothers getting into financial issues was a bigger factor that trying to work out how to make the game work in 3D though.

There was an updated Speedball game for the Playstation a few years
ago, wasn’t there? 3D 'n all, but not all that well received.

Sounds like a great game. I think it would be awesome if it emphisized a lot on commiting “fouls” without getting caught by a ref. Almost turn some of the elements into a strategy/stealth game.

There was already a 3D Speedball-esque game that came out–HyperBlade. It was okay, if I recall, but nothing that special. But you could decapitate people and score their heads for goals.

I find the whole future sports concept a little odd. So it’s orcs playing football. Is a sports fan supposed to be more interested in that than Madden? Is that supposed to appeal to people who don’t like sports? And if you don’t like sports, why would you suddenly like them because it’s orcs? Or robots. Or whatever.

Almost turn some of the elements into a strategy/stealth game.

I am pretty sure with that statement, I could kill you now and no court would convict me.

I agree with steve, why?


were I on that jury I would throw out the case and suggest you get some free ice cream.

hehe, I just think the whole “sports” theme could use a little life in it. Sure, its a game, but you’ve got to play by pre-defined rules. Bending those rules in your favor would be fun (if you do it right). At least thats what I think…

Not exactly “stealth” elements, but elements that allow you to follow the rules, and elements that allow you to “break” those rules and get away with it. Just stuff to give it a bit more variety and fun. Sure, playing yet ANOTHER game of football is fun, but I’d prefer something a little different, I suppouse.