Identify that old movie thread

Ok, there’s been a few of these threads but all a bit more specific in title so this one is meant to be more generic and ongoing.

To start, 70s or thereabouts movie about a giant Mammoth in then present day. I want to say it had people trapped in a hotel at a ski resort maybe? Possibly made for TV, or an episode of a TV show but I feel it was a stand alone movie. IMDB and Google have been of no help. I was fairly sure this was an actual thing but the internet is making me doubt my memory.

A wooly mammoth that came back to life because they thawed it out? Sorry, got nothing for you.

Hey, just thinking of obscure movies that stuck with me – Horror at 37,000 Feet. It’s a tv movie about “an invisible demon in the cargo hold of a jet airliner [that] terrorizes the passengers.” The demon suspends the plane in a headwind so it’s stuck in place and in horror movie fashion, picks them off one by one as I recall. Does anyone remember this one? I remember it because it had William Shatner as a Priest who abandoned his faith but when he realizes there’s a demon, that means there’s also a god.

I didn’t remember the rest of the cast but IMDB says it also has Buddy Ebsen, Chuck Connors, Roy Thinnes (Invaders) and Paul Winfield. A typical disaster movie cast of B actors, though Ebsen and Shatner would see their careers upswing, and Winfield had a good Hollywood movie career ahead. It was probably near the end for Connors and Thinnes, though. It also had Russell Johnson, the Professor from Gilligan’s Island.

Are you thinking of maybe a caveman who got thawed out? There are a couple of those, and I really liked this one when I was a kid:

(Stay away from Encino Man however.)

Was this a horror movie or something? I don’t really think of mammoths as scary…

Horror. I don’t think it was an issue of thawing out, just out there. I kind of feel there’s a blizzard and people are snowed in/trapped as well. It’s possible it was about a giant elephant or some other tusked beast but I really think it was a mammoth. I kind of remember it bursting through a picture window and maybe knocking down a building.

Also very B movie if that wasn’t obvious.

Probably no blizzard involved though.

You sure it’s not Snowbeast (77)? It’s a yeti, not a mammoth but it does have a scene where the yeti breaks thru a window (47:50 of link, I’m not sure how to get it to start at the exact point).


May not be the one forgeforsaken was thinking of, but was definitely the one I was half-remembering in response to his description.

How horrifying is it that a movie as bad as Snowbeast is stuck in our consciousness, ready to be blurted out at the first mention of ‘snow’ or ‘monster’.

Great title?