Identify this old Kung Fu movie(s)

So the Five Venoms showing up in the 20:20 thread has me trying to identify an old Kung Fu movie I saw in my youth. It may in fact be two different movies that I’m merging together via faulty memory.

The details: a group of 5 or so men train to overthrow an evil group (bandits?) running a town. They each focus on a specific weapon that is the counter to one of the bandit leaders. One of the weapons is definitely a knife chain, and this confrontation happens in forest of some kind. I believe there is also a fight between a man with a Bo staff and a guy with an axe in a shallow pool of water. The group is successful but most/all of them die as well.

Pretty sure this guy here is referencing the same movie, but sadly no identification.

Some other details that may or may not be from the same movie. One of the group was an outsider who wore a straw hat. There is a fight near the end with a man continuing to fight despite being shot full of arrows.

The latter details sound more like Seven Samurai.

It had similarities, but I remember it being in color, and it was more an assault as opposed to a defense.

an old Kung Fu movie I saw in my youth

Roughly what year did you watch it?

Early 80s? I feel like it was a 70s film, was on broadcast TV.

Avenging Eagle? Kid with the Golden Arm?

Well, I figured one of them out, but it’s two movies.

The one with the training, chain dart, axe/bo fight is Five Shaolin Masters. It aired as part of Black Belt Theater which is how I was able to track it down. Now to figure out the one with the arrows, as I’ve found a bunch of other folks trying to figure that one out as well. Though I’m wondering if that is from the prequel Shaolin Tempe aka Death Chambers…

Are you sure its not “The Fellowship of the Ring”? I seem to recall this guy named Boromir doing something like that…

The fact that I’ve come across a few other folks at various places looking for a kung fu movie with that scene, I think I’m not just creating it from something else.

If it was a black and white samurai retelling of Macbeth, it would be (spoiler!) Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood.

That’s what I thought of too for the arrows.

Five heroes with special counter weapons, fight in a forest with a knife chain, pyrrhic victory at the end? Sounds like Five Element Ninjas AKA Chinese Superninjas.

It was definitely Five Shaolin Masters, I’ve just watched it this past week to confirm. But you can see why I had some trouble finding it with a few movies fitting the rough description.

Hi all, I’m new here and I’m not sure where to post but I found the forum on google. But I too am look for an old kung fu movie that I can’t seem to remember the name. Thanks in advance

It was Revenge of the Tai Chi Master.

No, it was Child of Peach.

Recently watched that and while it isn’t what he was looking for it’s definitely in the same vein. Also utterly brutal, the first death to the Earth Ninjas, holy shit.

So after all this time I’m close on this last bit. I think this was either from The Deadly Duo or Marco Polo (aka The Four Assassins) both Shaw Brothers movies directed by Chang Cheh. He also did The Five Shaolin Masters.

Five Deadly Venoms?

Just watched Five Element Ninjas and it’s pretty damn awesome, some dodgy wire fu notwithstanding. Some truly bananas deaths as well.