IDF Frowns on Dungeons and Dragons Players,7340,L-3052074,00.html

Magic Missile! Magic Missile!

And to make matters worse, the pictures are of LARPers, not your normal D&D group.


I can understand keeping Larpers out of the Mossad, and maybe the pople from Dungeon Majesty, but normal D&D enthusiasts like us should definitely be able to be spies.


I like to think of myself as a pretty level-headed guy, but I’ve also played my share of D&D. Of course, thinking back on who I played with I’m not so sure it shouldn’t be a trigger for further investigation.

The article said about half of D&Ders were judged, after follow-up, to be too detatched from reality for a clearance. I’d half expected a number like 1/4 just based on thinking back on who the people I played with were.

Yup, didn’t need code tags. Weird, weird.

It still posts though, as the triple post indicates :D

Actually, you probably didn't need the code tags.

This is what they’re worried about, apparently:

DF Guard: Halt! Who goes there?

Shadowy Figure: Don’t shoot! It’s me: Ariel Sharon.

Guard: Liar! Prepare to die!

Figure: Ok, ok. I was just kidding. It’s Paul Wolfowitz.

Guard: My finger is tightening on the trigger…

Figure: Stop! Ok, I admit it. I’m Frofnir of Bigglespit, Warrior of the Realm and all around Kicker-of-Monster-Ass.

Guard: You may pass.

The original hebrew article was only about LARPers.

I never told 'em anyway when I joined, didn’t think they’d care so much.


Thanks for the clarification.


Do they let Trekkies in?

Don’t you mean Rogues, not spies?

I’ve linked this before, but I think it also applies here. Clearly, this is the sort of thing the IDF are trying to avoid.

Reno 911 – covering all the bases (which are belong to them).

Wouldn’t the ability to pretend to be someone else be a GOOD thing for spies?

Nah, they’d blow the cover the first time they reached for their dice to roll a charisma check.

“You didn’t see me, I have a 25 in Hide! Re-roll your Spot che…” [BLAM]

That was awesome.

Yeah, it might even be a good thing to get some people with some imagination and analytical skills(CRT and armor class calculations) into the other side of the house (Analysis) as well… seeing as every intel organization in the world thought sayyid hussein was sitting on stockpiles of nastiness. Although on second thought somebody running around yelling “Magic Missile” could probably think that a foreign government was working on a secret progam to open the void gate and let in extra dimensional beings.