Idiocracy was not a satire, it's a documentary

Pole Dancing as an Olympic Event

… and?

Have you actually seen people doing real pole dancing and not just walking around it half naked occasionally hanging upside-down or spinning on it? It’s as much a sport as pretty much everything under the umbrella of gymnastics.

Before baseball and softball?

You think you’re better’n me?

Welcome to Starbucks. I love you.

Oh, there’s so many things becoming common that seem like Idiocracy jokes…

And virtually every food developed by Pizza Hut in the past five years…

TBH honest, toast is hard.

Wait, no. The toaster that the owners of my condo left behind is a 4-slice toaster. . . in which 2.5 of the racks work. Furthest left and one side of the second-leftmost don’t turn on. Except that sometimes they do.

Should this have been in one of those “something interesting…” threads?

No, not really.

Isn’t one of the distinguishing features of toasted bread is that it is toasty warm?

I will give them this, toasting bread is hard…

Costco, Brubin. Welcome to Costco.

Yeah, I don’t think we have time for a handjob right now.

Of all the words I would use the describe that, have to say that succulent wouldn’t be one of them.

Nobody outside of the US gives a shit about baseball or softball.

Cuba and Japan. But the Japanese are weird and America doesn’t like Cuba.

Canada likes baseball well enough. After hockey and football of course…

And curling, don’t forget curling!

But it would be impolite not to like your neighbor’s sport.

I have the weirdest boner right now.

I have the weirdest boner right now.

I think I’d rather have this one: