Idiot Blaine done with 44 day stunt

I understand that it was quite exiting to watch… and snooze.

I love this:

…Blaine was even taunted with a cheeseburger dangled from a miniature helicopter.

I liked his act when he first started appearing on Conan years ago, and enjoyed one of his TV specials but I just don’t get what’s behind his diffrent endurance stunts he been doing. There’s no purpose other than to just say hey look at what I can do…ok whatever guy.

Did anybody check to see if the water he was drinking had sugar, vitamins, and other nutrients?

yeh, I am pretty sure they did… he offered to let people and the press to try his water and test it if they wanted to… bah… what he did wasn’t “magic” as far as I know… like Jason said… it was a simple case of “look what I can do” … meh! … attention seeker.

It’s a little more than that. He sold the rights for film and TV for $1M.

I don’t see the entertainment value either. I wouldn’t watch and I didn’t really read about him either. By far, the most interesting aspect of his fast was the reaction of the onlookers. That, and he was reliving a Kafka story. Maybe he’ll turn himself into a cockroach for his next feat.

For his next feat?

God, this has been as annoying as Big Brother. Not only has every single media outlet been full of the irrelevance, it’s in offices, forums…even if you couldn’t care if he’s sitting in a box or trying to be the world’s first human Schroedinger’s cat (Please, Dave? I’ll get you the isotopes…). At least it’s been suitably cynical and unpleasant, but…

Count me as one of those people who used to find his anti-Copperfield street magic kind of cool, but now thinks he’s about ten million times worse than Copperfield, with his “this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done” and acting like he’s some kind of Jesus-manque. At least Copperfield is supporting some of those “teaching magic to kids” programs, I’m pretty sure Blaine is all about himself.

Whether or not there is a specific purpose, the value I take from these kinds of things is to shape my knowledge of the limits of humans. They are empirical experiments in human physiology and psychology.

If the water was “doctored” then that messes up the experiment however since it throws an important unknown element in.

I live right near to where he was and could never be bothered to go throw something at him.

Ah well. There’s always next time.


Of course the water was doctored.