Idiot conspiracy theorists


This seems like it’s gonna end up being enough material for a whole thread.

Until July, QAnon supporters believed that “Q,” the anonymous online forum poster whose cryptic clues make up the conspiracy theory, was a high-ranking Trump administration official, or maybe even Trump himself. But now, a good portion of QAnon believers have become convinced that Q is none other than JFK Jr, even though he died in a plane crash nearly 20 years ago.

These people are imbeciles.



Conspiracy theorists following Trump only make sense at this point. He is like a magnet for the fringe. Let’s just hope this doesn’t continue to get more dangerous.


Yeah, this is my line in the sand. I’ll go for however many decades I have left neither knowing nor caring the slightest bit about this latest republican idiocy.


I was only dimly aware of QAnon, this article is the most I’ve read about them.

Are they really Republicans, or just conspiracy nuts latching onto Trump because of how crazy everything about his Presidency is? I mean it sounds like they’re pretty anti-Hilary/Obama, but they’re also clearly out of touch with reality. Is Trump the hero for ideologies they support, or are they rallying behind him—and by extension against his “enemies”—because he’s the engine driving the conspiracies they crave?

I don’t want to sound too defensive for the republicans, legitimately curious.


The latter. They’re just idiots who have decided to deify an idiot.


How does one decide? Party registration?


There may not be a good way to tell. I wasn’t sure if you could trace this movement back to a bunch of crazies who have been on the republican side all along who brought that allegiance to Trump as he rose to prominence, or if this brand of crazy has only come out of the woodwork specifically for Trump.

Given the anonymity of it all I’m not sure how we’d figure out, but like I said, I’ve barely given QAnon any thought so far.


WaPo article about them.


It’s gonna be weird if the end of the world is caused by the internet being created, and enabling lunatics like these people to find each other.


The way lunatics found each other before is on the fringes of political parties, either small extremist parties or extremist groups within mainstream parties. It may be that Trump has exposed the weakness of parties in an environment when you can reach such people directly rather than use the party apparatus to mobilize them; in which case, you’re right.

The people who thought the Clintons murdered Vince Foster were Republicans, right? The people who thought Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery, that he was a foreigner; they were Republicans, right? We can agree on that? To me this just looks like more of the same.


This is just a new way to solidify a Trump voter. Some of the smart ones are looking at the corruption and the actual results and deciding it’s not worth it, so he may be weakening.

But these QAnon people are LOYAL Trump voters completely isolated from reality. They will vote for their DT of legend who is secretly a superhero working to save the country with the top generals against the evil corruption, the Clinton Machine and deep state, saving children and keeping the murderers away. And they know this is not supported by any visible facts but that is part of the mythology, because he is a secret miraculous figure only behind the scenes where nobody can know. They are super loyal to this Mythological Trump, and will believe this is who they are voting for, not the venal corrupt narcissist we all see plainly before us.


Yeah, I’m going to straight up call this what it is, another term for a group similar to the alt-right, and lump them all into the ever growing, “Loony Racists,” branch of the GOP.

4chan was all over MAGA initially, this just seems like more of the same. Probably fed from nothing but a Russian led propagandist movement.

The flies, they are attracted to the shit.




I always hated it when Q was on ST:TNG


To be honest, I did as well. And despite me kind of liking the actor now, I was not a big fan of Wesley Crusher either.


I’ll agree, but it did give us this:

“You weren’t like this before the beard.”





Is there some way to convince the QAnon people that drinking bleach is the only way to kill the leeches living in their bloodstream?


Probably. I’m not even kidding. If “Q” told them mixing bleach and ammonia counteracted chemtrails and the Deep State didn’t want you to know it, you could probably kill a few hundred of them in the first day.