Idiot conspiracy theorists

oh god it’s spreading to Canada!!!

Yeah and the leader of the conservative party turned a blind eye to it.

Trump isn’t smart enough to be let in to the Illuminati. He’d have trouble even getting to the door.

My bookmarks have followed me over the years, and in the old folders from Win98 days are Godlikeproductions, Rense, AboveTopSecret and other sites i used to visit for fun to see what the conspiracy theory mob were up to. Now I just read the politics section.

Damn. I had completely forgotten Rense. Seems like he’s gone full Trumptard. Used to be less politics and more UFO, chemtrail, lizard people.

Uh oh.

I was just in a hipster coffee house filled with liberals who were all whispering to themselves that Jacob Wohl’s attempts to cast himself as a sort of young Roger Stone wannabe were likely to end up with the same result: prison.

Who would want to kill Jacob Wohl and deprive the world of so much delicious comedy?

Defrauding the police to own the libs.

(This will end well)

Some more updates, Wohl used an image from a local Minneapolis real estate agent, which is just some identity fraud icing on the shit cake.

I was in a conservative hole in the wall bar and all the cons there were whispering that Jacob Wohl was an assclown who was going to get himself in so much trouble even his daddy won’t be able to buy him out of it.

The preferred term is shithole in the wall, Mike.

Daily Beast so take it with a grain of salt, but this quote at the end is a terrible insight into modern political discourse.

“It confirms that he’s not operating at a level where there’s useful misinformation, but kind of stupid, vanity-filled, ego-fueled disinformation,” Alexander said. “And that won’t look good for Jacob.”

I can’t respond how I want to without getting in trouble.
So I’ll just shake my head.

Unbelievable. There will never be any getting through to these people.

It’ll be good if these people die.

Hey guys, the more you deny QAon the more it shows how you are in on the conspiracy!

March 19th was some secret deadline, I’m sure mass arrests have already started…still under cover, obviously…

At first glance I thought she was wearing a bonnet.