Idiot conspiracy theorists


I like how cops dress like the military, but without any of that pesky discipline or rules.


Damn must be too early for Q to mobilize.


To be fair, airport tarmacs are notoriously insecure locations.


Or. they appear to be a place where notoriously insecure people hang out.


This is kinda wild. The article mentions towards the end that Jack Burkman is the guy that stood on stage with Jacob Wohl accusing Mueller of inappropriate conduct a little while ago.


Oh and an update on the QAnon Swat guy

As punishment, Patten received a written reprimand and was removed from the SWAT team.


Time to put him on traffic stops where he’ll shoot a black dude who drove in the wrong* neighborhood.

*- “wrong” here meaning where he was seen by said officer



Well, they are partially correct.


Hard to be surprised when you’re reality-adjacent.


Dec 7 was supposed to be a BIG DAY for Q! but


He was Periscoping from a Volvo dealership.





I doubt it.


Google gives like five different dumb meanings for “periscoping”. Which specific dumb meaning were we supposed to telepathically infer in this specific case?


The app Periscope. He was live-streaming on Twitter from a Volvo dealership.


This. He does it… like all the time. It was so trivially easy to prove what it was.


Okay, so an obviously joke Twitter account made an obviously joke post, and… ?


Oh my sweet summer child.