Idiot conspiracy theorists


Zylon is lucky enough to have not interacted with QAnon people. I’m glad someone is still innocent in this world.


Is this illegal? What was he arrested for? Is Volvo owned by a QAnon?


There was no arrest. Someone took a cap of his stream and posted with the baseless (dream) claim that he was arrested. There needs to be no factual basis.

Tomorrow they will see he is out and about tweeting as normal and it will either be:

  • OMG his corrupt inside connections got him released already, SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, or
  • WTF, his account has been taken over by a deep state misinformation bot, or
  • He has been turned! Now his tweets will be secret messages for our side, or
  • I always knew he was secretly a moon robot hologram and never really existed, or etc.

Next week “You notice how they managed to keep his arrest out of ALL the news sources!”

Early 2019 someone will show up at one of his book signings with a sign:“YOU CAN’T PRETEND, WE HAVE YOUR ARREST PHOTOS”, and he will be confused.

Edit: I should be GMing a campaign of something, this stuff is good…


Fantasy worlds are fun. I am the avatar and savior of Britannia


So you are going to stop Brexit somehow?





This topic makes me laugh at the idiocy but also makes me feel a bit sad for these people. And a bit fearful. These seem like the breeding grounds for lone-nut shooters.


We need to start holding people like this accountable (those that drive mentally ill people into violence by stirring up false conspiracies).



It’s like a bad Dan Brown novel. Wait, all his novels are bad!


So these people are exactly like those guys who scoured every Beatles record for ‘Paul is dead’ info, I guess.




Hey, when I was 13, the “Paul is dead” thing was a big deal, so don’t smock it!


“Are you a Rocker or a Modder?”

“I’m a Smocker.”


Smock me, Amadeus.


Wait… I thought the QAnon people were thought to be leftists trolling 4chan? I’m browsing this thread and apparently they were serious all along? That is madness.


It’s kind of a Foucalt’s Pendulum thing I think.


I wish. That would actually be pretty cool. Sort of an covert anonymous The Onion.


Yeah that’s how it started, but when the hoaxers owned up to it they weren’t believed and accused of being false flag and it took on a life of its own.