Idiot conspiracy theorists


Cognitive dissonance?


Unhappy housewives looking to feel part of something outside their house?

Another aspect of being a stay-at-home mom that might contribute to anger and depression is isolation.

Working moms get to be “real” people with interests, skills and relationships outside of the home, Myers says. A stay-at-home mom must work hard to maintain relationships that aren’t about being a mom, because that’s what her life is focused on. Many SAHMs find they are friends with people they have nothing in common with – except their homemaker status.



It’s really become a religion, and probably attracts the same types of people who would fall into cults. Don’t focus so much on seeing actual miracles, just trust God’s will. There’s a plan, but you can’t ever know what it is, and should never question it.


What is the “plan” that the QAnon person is referring to?


Pushing their head so far up their ass they form a perfect circle. It’s seriously that dumb.

Or - trump is exposing pedophiles and the deep state and talks in riddles and codes just for the qanon people.


“the plan” is basically just this religious belief that QAnon has some mystical insight into everything, and is going to lead is into a perfect world.

Unfortunately, part of “the plan” was that at some point (a point that has already come and gone multiple times now) thousands of bad guys who are working to thwart Trump and his knights of Justice are going to be arrested. Seriously, they think that one day, the good guys are going to suddenly round up and arrest thousands and thousands of people that are in the “deep state”. And Clinton. And Soros. And basically every bogeyman they’ve created.

It’s basically akin to a brief in the rapture.


What was the mind magic they used to solve the trump/Sessions split? Their feud was supposed to be a trick on the deep state.
I used to get a lot of conspiracy stuff in my instagram explore(anon, flat earth), but I think reporting posts for antisemitism (they all eventually posted something overtly heinous) updated my algorithm.



I feel like I’ve drank too much tequila.

Or maybe not enough.


The latter half of that statement is straight out of a game or movie. Just can’t remember which one.

That being said, my God are people stupid.


Looking at that reminds me of covfete. What conspiracy theory is connected to that?


They only become more insane. I seriously think people should start being committed.


I had pizza yesterday. The pepperoni wasn’t uniformly applied. I bet it was a code. Damn, I ate my message!


Someone decoded it for you.


This fits here as well as anywhere.

McAfee’s feed is hilarious. It’s basically just a mix of him getting hammered, or ranting about crypto currency, or him taking about how he’s going to be president.

He’s like Hank Scorpio from the Simpsons, if Scorpio was always drunk.


Scorpio as president seems like a preferable timeline.


Someone decided to light the pizzagate restaurant on fire.


Because burning alive children is obviously the solution in their minds.

“I think that pizza place is full of kid sex slaves.”
“Let’s burn it to the ground.”
“Good plan, that’ll help the kids trapped inside.”


Get with the program, man! The kid sex pods were on the roof, actually. And qanon was planning on sending helicopters to rescue them before the building burned completely down.