Idiot conspiracy theorists

There is no shortage of desert in the west, although no doubt there have been ecosystems destroyed by both ag and development.

I meant as a counter to the presumed desertification we have enabled.

Oh, yeah, I get that now. I blame the Internet.

The Israelis have a drip irrigation system that’s apparently really good and circle irrigation has been used throughout the Middle East in various places with success.

Of course those methods are pretty tightly controlled as I understand it. They aren’t letting farmers just take as much water as they want and do whatever they want with it. Which is why the Saudis moved operations to Arizona and used our water to do it until Arizona put a stop to it.

Correction, Arizona has as yet failed to stop them from doing it.

There are efforts to do so, but those are not yet completed.

In a twist that may get even famously right wing agribusiness interests to support water irrigation, the reason we may be able to see controls placed is because the Saudi’s can afford to just keep digging deeper in a way that local farmers can’t. So they dig their wells hundreds of feet deeper than locals, suck it dry, and local farmers wells go dry and can’t afford to reach new water levels. So they have no choice but agree to water restrictions or they go out of business.

Ah, my bad. I Googled quick and saw a bunch of articles about the governor putting a stop to them, but didn’t read anything. I blame headline writers and my own laziness.

Yeah, the latest Freakonomics did some investigation into that, and it seems likely that in the next 5 years much, if not all, Saudi owned agribusiness will be pushed out.

Whether the proposed changes are sufficient or well made is a separate question though. Guess we have to wait and see.

Honestly, Saudi Arabia itself needs to be “pushed out,” as in the ruling clique in Riyadh eliminated and the whole damn country turned over to, I dunno, bedouins or something.

Someone trying to speak the magic words.

I’ve been watching a lot of stuff on ancient magic systems and they’re more believable than what SovCits think is real.

“They buried a bowl with writing under their house to ward off Lillith,” just seems exponentially more reasonable than “I wrote words on my car so now laws don’t apply to me.”

I’m not sure what they believe, but what they know is that the county sheriff’s department would rather spend their time writing tickets for out of state speeders than confronting crazy people with guns when they can just let them well enough alone.

There’s an entire subreddit full of law enforcement encounters with sovereign citizens that says otherwise.

Apparently the Constitution, sadly, does not mandate good spelling.

Also, Doug Mastriano, famed imbecile/asshole who ran for Governor here in PA and lost (thank God) has announced that he, too, will put forth a bill to stop chemtrails.

Close Encounters in the White City, coming soon to a theater near you.

That’s so odd. I mean, I’m used to idiocy, but on this anodyne topic? Wow.

Did they just accidentally outlaw crop dusting?

IDK, the theory that all the birds are secretly drones is still weirder to me.

That one is far-fetched, but you can see how it started (a deliberate internet hoax), and how it fits into modern societal paranoia about surveillance, government overreach and related fears.

I have no idea what the end-goal reasoning is for “This fairly benign thing that happened 120 years ago was a conspiracy” comes from.

The San Francisco worlds fair buildings aren’t all gone - some of them were preserved (last time I visited a decade ago they were being used by the Exploratorium).

But even if they were all stone… chances are they’d have been ripped down already from lack of maintenance (see - Penn Station, NYC).