Idiot conspiracy theorists

It would be utterly fascinating to see how much the GOP has been hijacked by the total loons and grifters if it were not so terrifying.

Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’.

Debate what?

More like:

Except Johnny Cash was cool.

Ancient civilizations. Hancock’s schtick is he believes there was a pre-ice age global civilization that built megaliths and had agriculture. The discovery of sites like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, which is super old apparently, has given his ideas a second wind and he’s out doing this thing again.

I doubt he believes it. He makes a living writing and speaking about it, because there is an audience for it.

This interview makes clear these puffed shirts are reflections of the platform than having any power themselves. But rather than being fishers of men, they’re fishers of outrage. Tucker going on Joe Rogan just throwing spaghetti at the fan is kind of the most pathetic thing. Carlson is clearly a has-been now without Fox, like all the Fox commentariat. It’s the format that gives them power, that pseudo-serious “real news station” format of true propaganda.

Apparently Tucker also said the US is evil for having nuclear weapons.

Not Russia though, they’re fine? It’s kind of bizarre. Like take a hippy, fill them with hate and fascism and watch the resulting amalgam talk about politics. They really hate America because of it’s evil, but they also kind of love Hitler and Putin because of their evil. Sadly they don’t explode when Kirk presents them with a paradox, they just claim he’s a globalist or something.

They only have nukes because WE have them.

Any racism they exhibit is because WE started it!


So apparently Alex Jones said Hitler is bad and now he’s getting ratioed on Twitter by Nazis.


Here’s a clip of that Rogan Tucker interview, and it’s funny to see the look on Rogan’s face when he realizes that Tucker Carlson is obviously full of shit.

So disappointing to learn that Tucker is a complete dumbass.

That’s just his now who can I book? look.

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Thought you all would enjoy this “Sovereign Citizen” type fellow get arrested by border patrol for refusing to answer questions about citizenship.

That’s a great example where whether you’re right or wrong makes no difference to whether you’re an asshole.

This isn’t fair, we just wanted you to do this shit to brown people!

Oh also, I liked his fluid changing of what amendment’s right he was invoking, didn’t seem to be based on different things they were doing. And how he wanted to deny them their second amendment right to bear arms in his general direction.

Holy shit. Did either of these clowns really think this was going to end any other way? The driver was only willing to cooperate because “I got to. This is a work truck.”

These guys were so stereotypical that this could have been a scene from a movie.