Idiot conspiracy theorists

The Darwin Awards are about to get a bunch of new nominees.

Louis Pasteur was part of the deep state.

Apparently everything, including easily explained phenomena, must be a conspiracy.

Oh wow, it’s been decades since I saw a reference to the HAARP conspiracy.

It feels like both a lot of dumb on one side and overstated statistics on the other:

According to McAfee, his customers believe, without evidence, that directly drinking high levels of the avian influenza virus will give them immunity to the deadly pathogen.

That represents a 52 percent fatality rate; however, it’s possible that there are asymptomatic or undiagnosed cases that could alter that rate. In the US, only one human so far is known to have been infected with H5N1 in connection with the dairy cow outbreak—a farm worker who developed pink eye. The man had no respiratory symptoms and recovered.

First, the bolded bit, where there’s no randomized testing to see what the denominator is, so no doubt it’s much higher than the proposed rate. Second, are the viral particals still replication competent in the milk, or are these viral particals that amplify with PCR? One would take samples of milk and see if they are actually infectious or not before declaring victory (or doom.)

In a Q&A document, the Food and Drug Administration notes that it does “not know at this time if HPAI A (H5N1) viruses can be transmitted through consumption of unpasteurized (raw) milk and products (such as cheese) made from raw milk from infected cows.” However, the agency goes on, because of that lack of data and the potential for infection

So they don’t know yet if this is a viable rout for an infection, so abundance of caution and all that. But “52% deadly!” makes a better headline for you to click on.

Yeah, that’s a real blast from the past.

This is a very big thing on TikTok. Anytime anything happens a gaggle of dumbasses on TikTok all race to come up with a conspiracy theory to explain it. A girl at my work tried to convince me the Hawaiian wild fires were caused by Oprah and The Rock who used a space laser to start the fires so that they could buy up all the property. Then sent me videos about conspiracy theories involving last month’s eclipse (This one is different guys! There’s something happening they don’t want us to know about!). Now the conspiracies about the aurora are coming down the pike.

Lol, that’s so dumb. Everyone knows it was the Jews that started the fire.

You got some space lasers, you’re gonna use them eventually.

Ah, the original concept for the Billy Joel song. From his Stormfront album! Take that, Jews! Billy’s got your number!

That’s not true!

We didn’t start the fire.
It was always burning!
Since the world’s been turning.


And the more I see headlines like that, the more I eye roll, which undoubtedly means I am throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

It’s easy to make up a conspiracy theory.

Here is one for free:

Have you ever seen Lady Gaga and Madonna in the same room? Ever noticed they have similar styles?

Ever seen Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson in the same room? Ever noticed they have similar styles?

The Illuminati have mastered rejuvenation cloning sheeple!

Michael Jackson IS Bruno Mars.

Madonna IS Lady Gaga.

And to do this, they need huge amounts of animal protein and huge amounts of food, and obviously they can’t have everyone doing it, so this is why you are being heavily encouraged to go vegan.

Wake up sheeple!!

Tune in this time next week, where I EXPOSE how the Corona virus was created.

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