Idiot conspiracy theorists

I have no words

Pretty weenie only getting tattoos on the numb elbow flesh. I only get my intuitive guessi . . . psychic readings from mofos with pain tolerance! Always the best way to judge psychics, I’ve found.

Just look for someone who has blacked-out armpits and nipples.

All I can say is she can abduct me any time…

All the gorgeous women in the world, and of course you have to pick the kook. ;-)

I’m not even 10 minutes into this and I feel like this is the greatest podcast ever recorded.

“They want control. Not money, they created money to control us. But we are becoming uncontrollable.”

“The reptilians can’t take this energy and are choosing the light”

“I had a vision in 2012 that Justin Bieber was going to shapeshift into his reptilian form in front of a live audience.”

I’m giving her my credit card info immediately. Notice me, reptilian waifu!

Update: She is in contact with the galactic federation. We are a prophecy planet.

Reminds me of Rush’s 2112. “Attention all planets of the Solar Federation! We have assumed control!”

Reptiles, seriously?


May she’s onto something

The TV show “V” wasn’t simply entertainment, it was prophecy!!

Or maybe she’s just ON something.

On two somethings?


Heh, now that’s the stuff I was complaining was lacking in the other thread.