Idiot conspiracy theorists


How do you tell the difference?

Reading over his Twitter feed, he seems…pretty dumb.


Fanfiction or idiot conspiracy theory? Can’t decide but freely admit “please be true!” crossed my thoughts heh.




What’s fun about QAnon is the way its idiocy has run away and past the usual right wing dipshit talking heads. Limbaugh was having too many Q callers call HIM out and now they’re screening for them.


Strange that this white guy terrorism isn’t getting much media play.


BTW, don’t let this irony skim past you: a lot of the folks cheering on the removal of Alex Jones and Infowars from social media platforms also had no problems retweeting heavily a bunch of Seth Abramson nonsense over the weekend.


Is Seth Abramson encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism like Alex Jones is?


Nope, not yet, though frankly he’s having no issues with inciting people to action based on nonsense. But he sure is adding a ton of noise to the signal. And when people retweet and amplify his nonsense, when they go after conspiracy-theory peddlers on the right it carries far less weight than it might otherwise.


I don’t follow Abramson, but I just looked at his feed briefly, and I didn’t see anything that looked nutty or objectionable. Could you point to some examples?


I don’t disagree that left-wing twitter personalities are peddling nonsense based on wishful thinking and hearsay. It’s not helpful, and it’s indicative of the need for them to constantly self-promote, maintain mind share, build their personal brand, and other millennial influencer bullshit. It sucks.

But it’s not the same as Alex Jones, Cernovich, or the neo-nazi groups. Those people are inciting violence, targeting individuals, threatening women, and trying to groom young people into becoming domestic terrorists. It’s not the same. It’s like comparing UFO people to ISIS.


I won’t amplify his nonsense, but on Saturday my newsfeeds lit up after Abramson tweeted something about “Witness tampering in five easy steps” regarding Hope Hicks being spotted on Air Force One and at a Trump rally in Ohio over the weekend. He then presented 5 points to “prove” that, none of which were actually true.

Beyond that, he’s a self-promoting charlatan. He’s far less interested in the doctrine and ideals of the Left and Resist movements than he is in growing his personal brand. Those are merely vehicles to him, and once they cease to provide him a megaphone, he’ll switch to something else.



He’s an absolute hack, completely unreliable, and as you say he’s just interested in promoting himself. Alex Jones and his ilk are significantly worse, though, as they peddle their bullshit for all those same reasons but also use it to incite violence.

Or, put another way, they’re both bullshit it’s just that Alex Jones’ bullshit is dangerous in a real tangible way.


Well, his ‘conclusion’ is certainly unfounded speculation, but which of the other 5 points weren’t true? Hicks is a witness in the Mueller inquiry. Trump knows that. It’s reasonable to speculate that both of them have lawyers who have told them not to communicate with each other. It seems to be a matter of undisputed fact that Trump discusses the inquiry all the time, with anyone who will listen, even in public. She was on his plane, accompanying him to the Ohio rally.

Even if everything you say about Abramson is true, that still doesn’t make him anything like Alex Jones. You know that, right?


This doesn’t fit together well.

Hicks was interviewed by Mueller’s team in December of 2017. That does not make her a “witness” in the “witness tampering” standard of things, nor does it make Trump someone who might be the entity tampering. Hicks isn’t on a witness list, Trump is not a defendant.

And if she – and if Trump – were given instructions about speaking to one another, it is worth pointing out that Hicks continued to serve in her role as White House Communications Director for the next 2 1/2 months, following her interview with the Mueller investigation. That includes having an office adjoining the Oval Office and traveling on Air Force One on multiple occasions, and this time not in the press pool (where Hicks flew to Ohio) but instead with the Presidential entourage.


And while Abramson doesn’t approach the levels of Jones, 2018 version, it’s worth pointing out that Jones didn’t start off at volume 11 either. Nor did the idiot proprietor of HillaryIs44, or other such hazy, ideological fungible conspiracy-meisters.

All are worth being slapped around and called out in a thread about idiot conspiracy theories.

EDIT: less pejorative.


Maybe Hicks has been wearing a wire?


I’ll drink to that, trigger.


It’s a possibility, but what we know of how this actually went down, I’m dubious. By the accounts of the pool, she spent most of the time in the part of the plane set aside for press/family/etc folks, and the decision to go at all was a spur of the moment thing.


There’s a site I haven’t thought about in a long, long time.

…how did they go from a bitter anti-Obama pro-Hillary site to a pro-Trump site?!

Actually, I don’t really want to know.


Heh. It’s a skin-color thing. Blend that racism with a hefty dose of enemy of my enemy is my friend to the point where I’ve adopted that entity’s complete ideology, and there you go.

It’s also how a moron like H. A. Goodman makes his bones these days. Throughout much of 2016, he was angrily far left and anti-Hillary. Which is fine. Lots of folks were in that territory and remain there.

But lots of those folks are there for ideological reasons. They’re in that territory because they support persons of color and immigration reform and fairness and equal rights and promoting causes often championed on the leftish side of the spectrum.

But ol’ H. A. Goodman decided that he was full on Trump! Again, for him it was never about doctrine and ideology. It was always about “Who’ll pay me to say ridiculous things, and what ridiculous things do you need me to say to get paid?”


What I heard was she was auditioning to be wife number #4, and they were discussing how to get rid of #3.

Oh wait, this isn’t where we are supposed to put conspiracy theories?