Idiot conspiracy theorists


I don’t know what nonsense you are on about, this is just another faithful depiction.


“You won’t like me when I’m angry”, Jesus said with a snarl.


Jesus smash money changers!


Let’s be real. That picture of Jesus is amazing.


My question is how did they catch that Jesus? Wouldn’t want to piss that Roman soldier off.


I read that he was finally taken down by Augustus Trumpus.


I played exactly enough Pillars of Eternity before getting busy and forgetting where I was in all my quests and quitting to know that the answer probably involves some sort of god bomb technology and a bridge.


That reminds me of one of my favorite posts here, in response to that painting:




That truly is an unBiblical depiction in pretty much every possible way. Now, he likely was physically strong, being he grew up as either a carpenter or a day laborer (depending on exactly how the words translate to modern language), and he was had enough strength to, completely on his own, beat up an entire courtyard of crooked business men and religious charlatans. However I find it unlikely his strength was buffed by steroids.

But the main error is showing him as leaving the cross before his work was finished. In the garden of Gethsemane, he prayed and asked the Father for any other possible way other than the cross and the separation from the rest of the Trinity which would accompany it, but if it was the only way then he would accept it. He told his disciples he could call on 12 legions of angels at any time, but he didn’t.

Instead, he did something far more impressive: he choose to die on the cross when he could have left it. A lot of people have chosen to lay down their lives but he then did something no one else has or can ever do: he picked up his life again, raising from the dead, collected his shed blood, ascended to heaven, entered the heavenly temple, and offered his own blood as a sacrifice to pay for every sin of the entire human race and the redemption of all of creation.

The false Christ depicted in that painting is one that would’ve abandoned all of humanity to the flames of hell forever and left creation forever in a corrupted, decaying state. I can’t decide which would be worse: that it’s a parody by an unbeliever or that it was made by someone sincere, who thinks they were performing an act of worship.


Thanks for that, @HighPlainsDrifter. I confess I looked at it, had the same reaction, and then thought “there’s nothing I could say that anyone would give a damn about.” But that’s not a good excuse.


Powell and Pressburger are displeased!


Powell and Pressburger made THe Red Shoes calling themselves THE ARCHERS

The Archers were also Mallory and Sterling Archer on the TV show ARCHERS, They penetrated the U.S. government as rogue secret agents of The DEEP STATE (sterling – Richard Nixon took US off the sterling silver standard and LOOK WHAT THE DEEP STATE DID TO HIM)

Their organization on the Archer show was ISIS that means ISIS has infiltrated THE US GOVERNMENT



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When the truth-bombs fail to produce the meatloaf.


Imagine a violin so tiny that it disappears up its own existence and births a new universe!


Literally the more i see reports like the ones above me, the more i think this:


The more you think about making utterly opaque references?


They believe it is more like this (the peasant’s rebellion meeting with the king)