Idiot conspiracy theorists


still turtles all the way down


And there it is:

“You either have faith or you don’t”

This isn’t about reality, it’s a fairy tale religion now.


All faith is blind faith. Or something.


People have been calling them Cult45 for a reason.

Edit: Even members of the Cult are now referring to themselves as a cult.


Pffft! It’s simple. Clearly Mueller has just been replaced by a replicant,that’s all.


Tears in rain, man, tears in rain.


Fuck me, Rick Wilson responded to me, so I guess it’s time to avoid Twitter for a few days or try really hard to ignore that ever-growing number at the top that will slowly drive me mad.


Not knowing your handle on Twitter, I now find myself wandering through his tweets and going “Was that ShivaX? It kinda sounds like him…”

EDIT - okay, NOW I found you. And that’s awesome, lol


I mean, you don’t need to be JesterActual to figure it out.

I don’t really hide it, which makes death threats from Nazis more entertaining, but otherwise rarely matters.


All faith is the willful suppression of logic and reason by the individual.



Surprisingly, they don’t think the Antarctica laser is a government conspiracy, they think it’s a Obama Foundation conspiracy, and that “Maybe John Kerry should be visited by some of our intelligence people. Maybe this would be a good use of the FBI instead of trying to indict President Trump on these crazy charges.”

Back in the day, only governments were big enough to control the weather. I guess NGOs can get in on it too, now.


Sometimes it is based on past experience too. I.e. if A, B and C happened, then D will too. Not sure how that applies inside a cult, tho.


I’m always perplexed at how these conspiracy theorists all believe that Obama has all these Star Trek-like capabilities, and yet that’s a reason to oppose him. You’d think you’d want to be on the side of the guy who can control the weather and earthquakes.


Because of course he did:



Ironically Lane just died fairly suddenly. There is a perfectly sound meteorological why this happened. But I have to admit the giant energy gun from the Antarctic is way cooler explanation, especially knowing the Sec. of State John Kerry recently visited the region.

So thank you giant energy gun… I appreciate it.



I liked it better when conspiracy theories were cheeky and fun.

Apparently the Denver airport agrees


Wow, awesome!