Idiot Trumpers

I don’t know if we need a thread dedicated to just these people or not, but this is a doozy.

Note: She gets the words to God Bless America wrong at the end of her ridiculous diatribe.

And thus was created the longest thread in the history of the internet.

OK why isn’t Jacob Wohl being sued and why isn’t he in prison?

An old Air Force friend contacted me on Steam this week because he wanted to give me crap about Antifa in Seattle (I live in Seattle). He was always conservative, but used to be pretty open minded and even headed when I worked with him. Then he got out and he moved back to Texas, now he has gone off the deep end.

I couldn’t keep up with all his shit. He has 4 black bosses and a black person became President, so there isn’t racism in this country. Black people just aren’t working hard enough, that’s why they aren’t successful. Antifa is burning down cities. Democrats are the real racists. Liberalism leads to socialism and then you get leaders who kill people, like Hitler. Then the Biden has dementia and Trump is going to go win again, etc. That last part is said like he’s shit talking when playing a game.

The whole conversation was just depressing and he won’t let it drop, sending me YouTube videos to watch, which I don’t. I just can’t get away from it. I live in liberal western Washington and most of the white people I know are all Trump supporters.

I love watching that woman in the mask behind her trying to sleep and getting interrupted…

Well, he is being prosecuted. Give it time.

Redundant title 😉

I know for the SEC violation, but hiring people to frame people for rape and murder. Isn’t that political extortion?

@LeeAbe it is crushing when one is surrounded by evil. Can you unfriend and block him? Though he honestly sounds totally psycho. I’d suggest sending a steady stream of Lincoln Project and Miedas ads his way :)

As silly as it might be, unfriending isn’t an option. Back when Obama won, and I was still on FB, several of my old “friends” (read: coworkers) were so pissed off they unfriended me as the one liberal they knew.

Unreal :(

That being said, send him videos from “his fellow Republicans” lol.

How bizarre. Why would anyone voluntarily allow their feed to turn into a steam of dogshit? Why not just call him a racist, fascist cunt and make him block you?

All my old buds who went down the Brexit/Johnson route got told to fuck off or blocked me when I let everyone know exactly what I thought of their shitty politics. No loss. I’ll never be friends with a white nationalist. The two are incompatible.

It’s just Steam chat, and he seems to have quit for now. If I unfriend him on there, I am a snowflake liberal who can’t handle the truth, so I am not giving him that.

I deleted my Facebook account because it was basically full of people like this. That was before Trump, but all my old “friends” watch/listen to conservative media 16 hours a day.

Does Steam have mute? I enjoy people ranting into the ether without knowing they have an audience of zero.

Fortunately, I have almost no one in my circle, even outer circle, who could remotely be called a Trumpist. There are a few conservatives who frequently play the “both sides” card, but there is little enthusiasm for the Orange One.

I did have an old high school friend reach out on facebook to connect, and I got several posts that confirmed that he is a die hard Trumpist. I ignored him until he posted a screed about George Floyd and the reasons he wasn’t worthy as a martyr.

Hammered him on his lack of empathy. Focusing on the victim’s shortcomings is the worst sort of horseshit response. We’ll see how long this FB connection lasts…

I’m acquaintencies witn One Nation Tories and Tory remainers, but the Johnson nationalists/Brexiters lurched far to the right and I now wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

Unless I could piss petrol.

If you could, the US would “liberate” your johnson before you could say “Late stage capitalism!”

One grenade…

I have a friend on Facebook who is a Trumper and hates Democrats. He has worked construction most of his life and is a “real Americans” type. Maybe 90% of his Facebook posts I really like: he is a professional photographer, works on cars, loves his dog, and I like seeing all that. When Trump got elected he went on the whole “he is your president now…” rant. COVID hit, and he went off on Trump for his handling of the crisis, but once the Floyd thing happened he went back on brand. I don’t want to muddy this post, but he commented on something and I replied with some actual facts about the matter and he never replied.

I have come so close to just removing him, but I am also at the point where my far-left friends on Facebook are pissing me off too, so this week I adopted a general rule of skipping political posts.

It’s easier to just skip Facebook. I sort of miss seeing what is going on with friends from long ago, but it really wasn’t worth the hassle. For some reason, Facebook’s algorithm made it even worse, because I wouldn’t always see the people I wanted to see in my feed, but I would have 20 posts about 2nd Amendment rights and Obama stealing their guns front and center.