Ie 7

Windows Xp just autoupdated to a new version of IE. It asked permission, just to clarify. Anyway, the new version looks fine, but I hate the default font. Anyone know how to change it?

Fine, no one cares about fonts…different question. Did anyone else do the update? If so, how do you like it so far?

I declined because it wanted me to validate my copy. Fuck em, I use FF anyway.

Compared to IE6, it’s great.

But I’m used to Firefox now, I’m happy with Firefox, and just adopting a few of FF’s best features isn’t going to entice me back. Too little, too late.

Yep, better than IE6 but still not using it.

You validate your copy by clicking OK…that’s it. That’s what you didn’t want to do? It does it online. No disk, no codes, nothing.

I too didn’t bother with this update. I only use IE for those rare pages that FF won’t work with (usually MS ones only these days) so I’ll deal with having a clunky ancient IE for the 20 minutes of IE use I rack up every year.

It’s a big pain in the ass if you’ve got a bootlegged copy I bet.

I would post a snarky link to a popular bittorrent site showing five pages entries of cracked IE7s, but that would be unkind, so just imagine I did so. Also imagine a unicorn riding on a rainbow through space. Now a cowardly lion. Now a still pond under a glorious sunset. Now imagine lemonparty. Hah, gotcha with that last one! I didn’t even link it, but you’ve seen it, so now you’re thinking about it. You sick bastard.

Why is any of that snarky or unkind?

Well, it’s not. The post was a devious ploy to get you to picture lemonparty in your mind. Like a post-modern grief link.

What is lemonparty?


(it’s not quite as bad as tubgirl, but it’s still kinda bad)

What is tubgirl?

This thread cannot possibly end well.

What is a well?

Google for it, lemonparty will make all your dreams come true!

(do not do this at work)

Lemon party:

Tub girl: