IE7 favorites

Ughh. I have a ton of folders, sub-folders etc in my favorites list (one for every game I have too) and when you click “add to favorites”, and click “create in” - it brings up the entire group of links with all the folders/sub-folders unfolded. For me, I used to have my used links (Games) renamed (~Games) so it always appeared on top… now with IE7 it’s an insane mess trying to find a subdirectory sicne I have to scroll down through 4 pages of link folder groups.

Is there some kind of utility or option that changes IE7 to not do this?

Obligatory “Don’t use IE you fool!” post.

Is the latest major release of Fiefox finally working better? I remember when FF2 was reelased just after IE7 and people weren’t too happy with it.

Wumpus… thanks. That does help a bit. I still have a lot of clicks/steps to just add a link to a subfolder though.

Firefox, IE, who cares, the website you’re reading is far more important than the chrome around it.

But there is a much richer add-on ecosystem for Firefox, which can make browsing a lot more sane-- eg, FlashBlock and adBlock.