If cloning is illegal

…when identical twins are born, which one do you kill?

The evil one, obviously.

Cloning is illegal, not BEING a clone. So you kill the mother.

Arrest god

…only outlaws will have clones!

…only illegals will get cloned.


quit cloning around.

Do they share the same soul?

Lucas would be arrested for the prequels?

Lucas should have been arrested for the prequels anyway…

<< obligatory Paranoia “send in the clones” joke here >>

You have an Infrared clearance, and are not authorized to view jokes of that nature. The viewing of unauthorized jokes is treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution. Have a nice day.

You bury them in Canada with the other survivors.

Cloning is illegal? Damn. I gotta dig a big hole. BRB