If Halo Infinite is a reboot, can we say it's combat re-evolved?

Title If Halo Infinite is a reboot, can we say it's combat re-evolved?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When February 26, 2019

Halo Infinite will be a spiritual reboot of the franchise. This, according to 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross speaking to IGN. The developers took a hard look at Halo 4 and 5, and stepped back to reassess where they were going…

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It would be Combat Revolved.

Should’ve been on the 360!

I’ve got a good feeling about Halo Infinite, based on everything 343i are saying about it. It seems like the criticism of Halo 5 especially, got through to them, and they are taking their time to make sure they get it right with Infinite.

They’ve already confirmed the new game has dynamic weather systems like storms, which sure sounds like something you’d only really find in an open world game. An open world Halo game set on a Halo ring, with discrete “levels” you can enter by going into various Forerunner structures on the ring (sorta like a Zelda dungeon or something), along with less structured levels that take place out in the wilderness of the ring, sounds pretty awesome to me. Especially with next-gen visuals.

I haven’t been following it at all other than the reveal video at last E3, but that’s what they’re saying? Sign me the hell up. And I say this having never played 4 or 5, though I liked 1-3 and Reach well enough.

That actually sounds like what the dream of Halo 1 was before it actually came out (and it was awesome for the time, but not what Bungie talked about in the lead up before they were bought by MS).

To be clear, that description in my second paragraph is just what I’m hoping the game’s design is - not what they’ve said it is. They HAVE confirmed a few features that sound like the kinds of dynamic things you’d find in an open-world game, not in a linear FPS with scripted events, like dynamic weather.

The structure I’m describing just sounds like the logical choice to me. You’ve got more freeform combat encounters in the open world, reminiscent of stuff from previous Halo games, and then you could still have discrete, linear “levels” that take place in indoor areas on the halo.

My ultimate hope is still that it’s a) an open world, and b) the “open world”, in this case, is an entire Halo ring.

Gotcha. I agree, though- that would definitely get me back into the series.