If i buy plants v zombies thru steam for PC does it also unlock PvZ via Xbox?

if i buy it for pc can i also play it on xbox via xbox marketplace?

No. What? No.


(It will also not unlock it on your iPad.)

No. Two entirely different entities/subscription services. The only chance you’d have at such an arrangement would be buying the game through GFWL, and even there I don’t think such a situation exists for that particular game.

edit - and what Bahimiron said

What on earth led you to believe that publishers don’t want more money?

What on earth led me? It’s Xmas… the holiday spirit of giving, etc, etc. etc.

So many great sales on for Steam… problem is they are PC sales only. I love my PC gaming… but I love my Xbox gaming even more. Would like to see those sales for Xbox games instead of PC.


no actually, its contrived to make people feel obligated to spend money.

Everything is a conspiration of the Snow Elves and The Coca Cola company.

You’re kind of missing out on the complete Plants vs. Zombies experience if you don’t buy it for 2-to-3 platforms. It’s just what you’re supposed to do.

Does the xbox store sales get as good as the steam sales? So far the xbox sales suck donkey balls

I don’t think they even had a holiday sale last year. The whole concept of sales is relatively new to Xbox Marketplace

Xbox does sales different… they run specials on 1 to 3 items from the marketplace each day. Sometimes for a whole 20% off too!

Well, every sales suck donkey balls in comparison with Steam sales, so it’s not really a fair comparison!

They’ve had tons of sales from black friday on as they’ve had every single year idiot.

Plants vs Zombies HD for iPad is three bucks off today!

I guess I forgot because they always suck and aren’t advertised well poopooface.

I wish it did. I think Xbox 360 is the only platform that I don’t own PvZ on. Popcap has gotten money from me for the PC, iPod and iPad versions.

“Through” is only thee extra letters, but I guess it’s better than hong and “ppl”.

why do Xbox market sales suck so bad? argh!!!

looking at the steam sales today just makes the pain oh so worse!!!

No competition.

Are you my mom? She asks questions like this all the time.