If it's good enough for the US


The rise of Creationism in the UK.

OK if I try really really hard, I can just about accept the notion of creation, but the 6000 year old earth? That really does just induce a Dustin Hoffman Rain Man moment of monumental proportions.

(though I will give bonus points for the Dinosaurs being wiped out in the flood or existing as “dragons” rather than fossils being hicks-esque test of faith).

There’s a minority, mainly branches of US churches, trying to use the same issues in the US at the moment in our own system, creationism, “moral issues” trying to get abortion made a political issue rather than a personal one etc.

I dont believe its as widespread as the article makes out, just a small bunch of religious whacko’s proclaiming massive support like they usually do, in the vain hope they can force their backward, superstitious beliefs on me.