If Oblivion doesn't arrive soon

You fucker. I read all that thinking there might be some hidden embedded reply.

While doing so, I came to the conclusion that either A) You (or someone else) made that tripe up, or B) Morrowind has the worst writing I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Not unlike an unsolved woman? The fuck?


(I know, I know, sign says don’t feed the bears…)

There was. Read it again.

Vivec’s 36 Sermons did suck, but there are some nice little stories in Morrowind. Here is a good example.

If you’re really feeling lucky, you can find all of Morrowind’s books at this location.

I hate you.

Did you read it again?

… no. But I just know you are lying. And if I read it again, there won’t be anything there, or it will blend it so well I won’t know what it is. And that’s another five minutes of my day wasted on trash! Trash I say!

You read it again.

God damn you. God damn you.

Read the the story I linked earlier. I just reread it myself. It really is a pretty good little read.

It’s okay. At least he doesn’t have the PC Collector’s Edition. That’s the one EB is sold out of, and I simply can’t wait until tomorrow for this game at Best Buy :(.

Someone on a forum somewhere. Take that for what it’s worth - give play a call if you want to find out for yourself, I didn’t order with them.

Tonight features new episodes of both Prison Break and 24. If Oblivion fails to arrive today, I’ll have those to occupy my time.

That really is a good one. My hats off to you.

I should work at Bethesda.

I voted for Dungeon Lords, so eat a dick. And it’s got multiplayer bitch-aazzz!!!

I know I’m missing some kind of joke of which I am the center. But I know that the text is identical to the source material (I used araxis merge to compare the fucking text, to satisfy my sanity).

After having a listen to several cuts from the soundtrack, I’m actually anxious to play this fucker.

I was fairly disappointed by Morrowind, but for some reason I have unrealistically high expectations of Oblivion.

So you read it again… and then ran a scientific comparison?

I don’t mind that people are laughing at me, I’m used to that. But I’d like to know why.