If this is real Trump really is dumb as $%^@#&

Lies! Liberal grading scheme!

Besides, he was elected President so he’s obviously smarter than the competitors were!

I don’t know how Fordham did their report cards, but I can’t imagine getting 3 credits for a class you received an ‘F’ in. That’s not generally how it works (but how that reads). So I’m going to call this a fake unless proven otherwise.

As much as I’d like to believe it.

Where did that come from?

Now anyone can have a shitty semester at college. Claiming to be brilliant while trying to bury the evidence of poor scholastic performance is another matter.

Some people even have a few shitty semesters in college. So I hear.

It probably just means that it was a 3-credit course. Shouldn’t be too hard to find contemporaneous Fordham grade reports to confirm or refute that this has the correct format.

Never mind - already debunked

Can we start a calling for the real one now?

I knew I should have checked snopes! Would be ironic if his grades were that bad (wouldn’t be surprised).

I had the granddaddy of all shitty semesters. See, there was this girl…

I still managed to eke out a 3.45 when all was said and done, fortunately.

{imagining} Fordham - “It shows a GPA over 1? Yeah, that’s a fake.”

To add to that, based on his age, Trump wouldn’t have had what appears to be a laser printed report card on tri-color paper with a highlight used on total and GPA.

4 of the 5 classes also don’t have class numbers, which are always present on reports, and there is far too much explanation at the bottom of the grading system, something which didn’t really come into play until lately with schools trying to change the time honored values for what was representative for each grade.

Don’t get me wrong, some of that could be true for Trumps time period in college, but as far as a fake goes, it’s pretty crappy.

Eh, if it’s a reprint they’d use the modern format and materials. But yeah, there’s still a LOT wrong with it.

Calling it, he leaked the fake himself… My Junior Woodchuck manual had a strategy for breaking the news for bad grades. You get up during dinner and announce you got a big fat F. After the shocked silence you look ashamed and then admit that you didn’t get an F, you only got a C but you will try better next time.

My first go through college was architecture. If you look at my transcripts you would think some fix was in. If I gave a crap about the class, i got an A. if I didn’t, the D I got was generous.

This has got to be from some idiot like O’Keefe. It’s a win/win - if some of the lamestream media falls for it you get to call them out on it, if not, it’s a fun joke!

More ironic: when you amplify nonsense like this, you kind of help DJT to make his point about “fake news.”

Should I delete the thread? Agree with you totally.

Nah. I was kind of funnin’ with you a little. ;)

I’ve done the same sorta thing, and a thread like this is a good reminder.

In the interest of “phrasing” we need to re-evaluate the grading scale.