If Werner Herzog made a driving game, it would be Snowrunner

Title If Werner Herzog made a driving game, it would be Snowrunner
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When December 30, 2020

Speed is a cheap vulgar thrill.  It has none of the tension or innate drama of torque.  You cannot savor speed the way you can savor the interaction of traction and mass.  Speed wants nothing to do with the earth.  It wants to leave it..

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Huh. Never noticed that until now.

Snowrunner is what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force. As long as the irresistible force has a winch, the immovable object will lose.

You can get rid of the hands on the wheel while in first person though the settings.

I read that entire first paragraph in Werner Herzog’s voice.

Surely with all this deepfake technology out there someone has made a Werner Herzog voice synthesiser.

Is the Season Pass or pieces of DLC worth it for Snowruner?

Cosmetics or vinyl wraps don’t do much for me, but the extra missions or additional trucks might interest me if the quality is decent or they add something notable.

Oh my god, I’m so glad they added this! Seriously, thanks for letting me know. I never would have noticed the option. Let me go add a star to the review.

I suspect you’ll want the new maps. A new map is a significant addition in Snowrunner.


Thanks, that makes sense!

I was greatly enjoying the game until I hit a bug that erased most of my owned vehicles. I think a patch fixed that, but the damage had been done and I’ve not played it since. This review does make me want to go back to it though.

Tom, I’m curious what you think about the winch.

I love the game, and Spintires before it, but it felt a little bit like too much winchiness. Made me feel like I was savescumming, kind of. I got that same kind of vibe from it.

The winch is definitely a big part of the game. But since it’s still just torque, I’ll allow it. :)

I do think Snowrunner is more calculating about integrating the winch. There are different kinds of winches, and most of them won’t work if you stall your engine in deep water or by tumping over. There are also more maps areas that seem intentionally build to deprive you of attach points for the winch. But you should still think of these games as entries in the Wincher trilogy.


Almost certain this game isn’t for me, but I sure enjoyed the review. Thanks, Tom!


That’s one of the greatest headlines for a game possible.

Google News suggested this post and I’m glad it did. I play snowrunner about 30 minutes every morning and I love it,and your explanation of why it’s great is spot on and hilarious.

I actually do a lot of logistics for a living and have a silverado and scout trailer almost identical to the ones in the game too.

I’m also going to share this with the snowrunner subreddit but a couple of tips for you :

Install maprunner on your phone if you haven’t yet, it’s an html 5 app / site with everything you could want from upgrades, missions, cargo etc

You can turn off the hands finally, I did it immediately they look so weird

If you want more weirdness, get in the twinsteer on the airport runway in white valley, go full speed in the in cab view and watch as the camera lags behind revealing that your avatar has no head or neck.

Finally, you can change the field of view in the settings to get a wider view in can or with 3rd person camera

Ph and the season pass is great, things get harder and more complicated and more fun for sure

Welcome to the forums @Ronnie

Welp Ronnie’s great post convinced me to finally buy in using my Epic coupon. Can’t wait to try it.

Don’t thank me, thank Google AI for its deep understanding of what to show me in my news feed. It’s terrifying!

Thanks. It’s a fucking hard game but that’s the point! Stick with it, it gets more rewarding as you go too.