If you didn't think the Puzzle Pirates guys were cool before

…just take a look at their office space:

Wow. That place is cool.

Is that what my Doubloon money went for? In an office in the high-rent district? They need to be adding features and creating cool new ideas and not worrying about Jules Verne. Get back in your moldy, drafty basements and make games like you are supposed to, in unhealthy, counterproductive environments.

Them boys like themselves some pirates.

Though at GDC they were all sporting cowboy shit to promote Bang! Howdy. So this is them getting back to their pirate roots?

Looks like they’re Jules Verne fans and want to do some sort of 1000 Leagues Under the Sea game!

Dan James often goes around wearing a pirate’s hat. Great guy.

I knew they were cool. PP was the only mmog/beta where I stayed for a whole year. And I had lots of interaction with Daniel and the guys - the Pirate Parties with players and the developers were legendary, but alas in San Francisco.

They are pretty busy with Whirled at the moment, I think. It’s what they were demoing at their GDC party.

I initially thought that was a Myst screenshot.


… I would’nt mind an office space like that :)

Are they finished with treasure islands for Puzzle Piartes, then?

So it’s like Second Life except not always 3D? boggle

Second Life done by less greedy people.

It looks like the Wiiish version of Second Life in that it is actually usable by people who aren’t hardcore tech geeks. It’ll probably make them 11 billionty dollars.

I do love steampunk, but I hate seeing people spend lots of other people’s money on an office (yes, most of it is CNC-cut plywood, but it still costs, as does the hip SOMA rent). Certainly you need decent chairs and workspaces, and you shouldn’t be hiding in a dank basement, but pool tables and bars in the office are so dot-com.

God bless 'em, but I don’t wanna hear the inevitable boo-hooing when they go out of business.

It isn’t really that extravagant, or expensive in the grand scheme of things for a profitable tech firm. Three Rings bootstrapped and were profitable before taking on outside investment. The office has already probably paid for itself in terms of attracting quality talent.

You paid real money for doubloons? Aren’t you a poker shark?

I paid an initial 5 or 10 bucks, whatever the lowest is. Wanted a little jump start. My poker skillz deteriorated after 3 months or so of 8 hours of solid playing and an ever-so-slight case of Burn-the-fuck-out.

Fair enough. It doesn’t take much in the way of skillz to win at the gathering of maniacs that is Pirate Poker (I do it consistently, and I’m more or less a fish usually), but if poker is work to you I can see why you’d rather pay the $5

The free doubloon playing throws all of my self-teachings out of whack. Poker, to me at least, is based on the risk of your own money. When someone makes a substantial bet, they are saying they either have something great or are willing to risk a lot in the hopes that you are not willing to take as big a risk to find out. That facet of the game is completely lost when someone can click a button and risk all of there virtual gold and pick up more relatively easy in numerous ways. The same happens in RL bars where they have free poker nights (in cities where gambling is illegal). People call off all their money with Ace high.

I can still use my knowledge of statistics and probabilities I have ingrained in me from hundreds of thousands of hands played, and base my play completely on percentages (as you do for the most part in Limit Hold 'Em), but any strategy is useless.

OK, sorry about the poker philosophy session.