If you had 2 days in New Orleans what would you do/see?

I’m going to be in New Orleans with my wife for two days starting tomorrow. What should I not miss?

The pepper spray store.

Someplace that isn’t dirty, stinky, and full of hobos.

Your flight out.

Tits. Lots and lots of tits.

Two words,

3 Way

Sigh, I should have known better, hehe.


I’ve never been to new orleans but it’s supposed to have some nice historical stuff to see. I always find a paid tour is my preferred way of checking a new place because I’m lazy and don’t want to do research myself.

Thanks Nick.

The piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s. The poboy shop right next to Pat O’Briens.

The art galleries on Royal.

Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters.

If they’re around, the steet performers.

If you’re a Jimmy Buffet fan, the Margaritaville on the other side of the market from the Quarter. This gives you the benefit of also seeing the market, and the food’s OK if you aren’t into eating critters (like I am).

Crayfish(if in season) and beignets and chicory coffee.

tipitina’s if there’s any good shows.

Ride the Trol^^^^ Street Car down St. Charles. When you pass by Loyola University wave to Touchdown Jesus for me.

Stop at Cafe Du Monde for breakfast or a snack.

Walk down Rue Burbon at night. Stop anywhere you hear good music. Drink a Handgrenade at Tropical Isle and a hurricane at Pat O’ Brians.

Take a trip down the Garden Disctrict and walk down Magazine Street. There’s a pasta place I LOVE there called Semolina.

Go visit the grave of Marie Laveau at St. Louis Cemetery No.1 or any cemetary for that matter if you can’t find it.

If you’re there on the weekend check out the farmers Market and eat a gator on a stick.

Stop by Harras if you’ve never seen a Vegas style casino before. Always bet on black.

Oh and don’t walk alone at night.

Or both be visibly drunk. That can easily get you rolled.

On the second day I’d be looking for my wallet…

Mister B’s restaurant in the Quarter is wonderful, but it looks like it got hammered pretty hard by Katrina and still hasn’t reopened. ;-(

Other than that, I second Jazar’s recommendation to walk down Bourbon and stop anywhere the music sound good. While you’re in the area, stop at the Old Absinthe House and have a Sazerac. Or two.

And if anybody bets you ten bucks that he knows where you got your shoes, don’t take him up on it.

Go to the Central Grocery at 923 Decatur and get a muffaletta sandwich. Best sandwich ever.

Also, if some dude bets that he can tell you where you got your shoes, don’t take him up on it.

You: Actually, Hobo Ted, these are my grandpa’s shoes.

Hobo Ted: I will stab you.

I also like Cafe Mephesto, but I’m not sure it’s still open. Cash only if you go.

Cafe DuMonde is a must. Beignets there are amazing.

Take a graveyard tour (guided, not alone at night as that’s a very bad idea).

Ride the St. Charles streetcar down to the Garden District and take a self-guided walking tour. Good ones can be found in the AAA guidebooks or at your hotel sometimes.

Aquarium of the Americas is amazing. They may not be fully recovered from Katrina though, so ask when you get into town.

Walk around Jackson Square and maybe grab a muffalatta or po’boy for lunch.

If you like seafood, there are about a dozen amazing places within walking distance of French Quarter hotels. Court of the Two Sisters is a great place to eat in the Quarter.

Walk in and out of the many antique stores on Royal St., some very cool stuff in there. Resist the urge to buy…if possible.

Outside the city there are many cool historical homes to visit. Oak Alley is probably the most famous plantation house, as it was featured in both North and South and Interview with a Vampire among other films. The San Francisco and Destrehan homes are pretty cool too, assuming they survived Katrina OK.

Drink a Hurricane at Pat O’Briens.

The Old 'Nawlins Kitchen (if it’s still around) has amazing Gator Gumbo (yes, real gator meat). It does not taste like chicken.