If you had to give up your citizenship

Which country would you want to get citizenship in? This question is mainly pointed at americans.

This question came up in our office the other day. My choices are either Canada or Austraillia.

Sweden. Alternately, Canada or Australia.

We don’t need any extar bags here, but thanks for your kind offer.

Me, I’d probably try my luck in Norway. Cause I already know the language (kinda).


Well, I’m in the process of filing my US citizenship. So I guess that’s the one.

If it’s a question of exile, I’m thinking the UK.


I would defend my American citizenship to the death, because hey, sounds like fun.

Sweden. Alternately, Canada or Australia.

Yeah and the UK. Norway doesnt sound 1/2 bad either.

Either Australia, New Zealand, or a Scandinavian country.

Sweden’s economy seems to be on the ropes, and the place just sounds depressed and dull right now: Norway looks the better choice on the blonde pine front.

I’m from the UK, so that’s my natural destination in the event of nucular war, etc. The UK now has the highest per-capita income of any large European country (and Japan, for that matter), so if you can land a good job there, you’ll only be a quarter poorer than you were at home in the U.S.

However, the place you’re forgetting is Ireland. Poor as muck 20 years ago, the Albania of the West, it’s been transformed into a liberalizing, wealthy, english-speaking, euro-using place with some very nice cities and a bright future. It’s an amazing cultural and economic success story no-one ever talks about, except to mock as “West west London” or whatever.

Horror story:

This guy is a barber or massagist or something. 4th generation resident of his town. (This is all third hand information).

So he gets accidentally involved in some kind of money laundering scheme, selling cell phones overseas to places like Denmark. This particular buyer’s checks keep bouncing, but eventually sends the whole sum routed through about four different banks. He gets a call and a face-to-face with an CIA agent - who reassures him, tells him that he knows he isn’t doing anything but warns him of the dangers of his buisness ("is on the straight and level), promises to help out if needed. So this guy deposits the check; 45 minutes later is arrested by the FBI.

Gets arraigned, prosecutors throw the book at him. Can’t subpoenae federal agents so he’s alone, without much money, vs. the government who wants blood. Pleads guilty, gets three years probation.

Meets girl from Ghana online. Falls in love with girl from Ghana (Recently divorced). Says that he’s going to move their and get a marriage license because he can’t stand being on parole (“you think you’re free, but it’s worse then being in jail”). So this guy might skip parole, leave the country forever, for GHANA.

Switzerland. They really have their act together.

I’ll follow Flowers’ example and defend my Canadian citizenship to the death. I can’t think of any place I’d rather live.

… unless it was one of those wacky socialist european companies where I can collect unemployment forever, as long as I’m doing something vaguely productive with my spare time. That’d be fun.

I have no idea. The idea of living anywhere else but the U.S. is pretty much unthinkable to me. My first choice would be Canada but I don’t like cold weather so maybe Australia. Japan seems fascinating to me but I don’t want to learn a language, probably couldn’t afford it, would find it terrifying and alien, and would get laughed at by all the locals as another clueless gaijin.

I am astoundingly unadventurous despite coming from a globe trotting family background.

God damn you people and your stupid misconceptions! And I mean that in the nicest way.

Sure, you aren’t going to get California-like weather, but you can completely avoid winter in Canada if you live in, say, Vancouver. And there are areas in Canada where winter is milder than a lot of areas in the US. So NYAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Well, since I live in California I have a pretty broad definition of “cold weather.” But yeah, I imagine Vancouver is pretty mild. I’ve been to Seattle and it didn’t seem too bad.

Brazil, if they’ve got a Hooters.

update: Hot damn I’m fucking moving.

Ireland or New Zealand.

Canada or Ireland. I actually would love to have Canadian citizenship and go be a film editor in Toronto.

With Ireland, I think I’m actually eligible for citizenship there, or maybe once my Dad got his dual-citizenship I could then apply for mine. Something weird like that.

Canada would be nice. UK too. Australia would be my first choice I guess- but I’d read you actually cannot give up your american citizenship, the US wont recognize that you have done so?

Are you a film editor in New Jersey? That was always my favorite part of filmmaking… got sidetracked into scriptreading though.