If you have a Lenovo, it might be time to clean install

If you use Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials, and you have Superfish on your PC, you no longer have Superfish on your PC:

They’ve set the right tone, too. Alert level: Severe. Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.

If i found something called ‘fish’ anything on my PC i’d be tempted to get rid of it!

I liked El Fish :(

Me, too! I’ve wanted SimLife’s simulation joined to El Fish’s ability to create the actual critters. Why, yes, the sting of disappointment over Spore is still strong, why do you ask?

Fish Mooney?

My wife and I just found out about this, and she uses one of the potentially affected models for gaming. Needless to say, she won’t buy another Lenovo and is furious with them for this.

And Fish Mooney is one of the worst fish. Bleah!

Sooooo glad work finally ended our long-running promotional relationship with this company. The products they gave us were unreliable trash anyway. This is just icing on the cake. Nasty, fishy icing :(

Looks like the root culprit is a company called “Komodia”.

And their badness, well…


(Really shows how Ad-Aware have fallen from grace, TBH)

Fortunately my Lenovo is too old to be affected by this crap, but still it leaves a sour taste. I’m not happy with the build quality on this thing either, after less than a year’s normal use the screen hinge broke. I was going to claim it under warranty but I was told it would take 5-6 weeks before I’d get it back. No can do. Funnily enough, the duct tape that I used on it about 15 months ago has held up better than the original hinge did. I can’t afford to replace it for a while though, but I still have plenty of duct tape in case I need it.

That’s a shame. Adaware used to be the malware scanner of choice, many years ago.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a business model-- it’s difficult to charge for these things. Everybody I know uses free malwarebytes today. I know I certainly never even considered paying when the free product did everything I needed.

Their universal password on their certificate is their company name. Someone needs to be lined up against a wall and shot.

This is really shocking and awful.

To anyone following this closely, does there seem to be any kind of backlash/response to this in the works?

I haven’t heard any regulator pick this up - I hope I’m wrong.

Some folks have filed a class action suit, but I haven’t heard a peep about this from anyone in an official position to do much about it yet.