If you thought the TRON costume was funny

If you thought the TRON costume was funny, take a look at these.

CoH hosted a costume contest where they asked their players to dress up as the heroes they played. A few of them are pretty good, and I give this one credit for acting out the battle scene, but most of them are just sad.

I mean, come on.

A couple of them are pretty good, though. This one is pretty much a spot-on match, for instance, and this one is pretty good. And you have to give this person credit for actually wearing this costume. Like, in public. She even matched the background from the screenshot.

Neat stuff, a good amount of work was put into many of those.

Wow. I was really expecting a lot of crap, but the majority of those aren’t bad. People actually backed away from the keyboard to put some hard work into a lot of them. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though, given the elaborate work I’ve seen at other cons. Some people just really get into it.

And some people have a lot of balls to be wearing spandex in public. Hats off to them.

Are we going to start a thread about sex at one of these conventions too?

Yes please. Last time I went to a sci-fi/gaming convention was when I was 14, so I missed out on all the sex. Please tell me what I missed.

I was at Worldcon in Toronto last year. Aside from my girlfriend, I wouldn’t really want to have sex with any of the people there.

When did they add Capes to CoH?

It only looks like they have a lot of balls.

That’s the enitre problem with spandex!

2nd expansion. I think you have to be above lvl 20.

Ok, I’ll admit the majority of the costumes are at least creative, I suppose I was looking more at the people behind them. There are some costumes that are awful, though.

As Andrew said, Update #2. Capes are available at 20+ after completing a specific sidequest. There are also visual effects (glowing eyes, flaming fists, etc.) you can add at 30+ after another sidequest. Finally, there is Power Respecification available at 24+, but for that you have to complete the Terra Volta Reactor Trial.

EDIT: There’s also the whole Badge System.