If You Want "Get A Life" On DVD, You Gotta Earn It


The above is a link to a poll on the Sony site asking which Sony-owned TV show you would like to see next in a spiffy DVD boxed set. Fantasy Island, perhaps? Or Different Strokes? Or Police Story?

It doesn’t matter, because they all pale in comparison to the wonder and magic of the Handsome Boy Modeling School and the Paperboy 2000.

The hills advice

Don’t forget Spewey!!!

What on earth is the show called “The Flying Nun” about? Does she actually go around flying and um, err…I guess praying for people?


Sally Field was the flying nun. Something about the aerodynamics of the huge hat she wore, I think…

Stupid name, good songs.

Yep. It was Sally Field in the late 1960s. The hat on her nun habit had these big wings on it, and she could actually fly. I don’t think I’ve seen the show since I was about 6 years old (and that was in 1971, kid!), so that’s all I remember from it.

And just in case you think I’m kidding:

God hates physics. Look at those damn origami wings.

Man, what a load of crap. Though I am somewhat surprised nobody’s put Maude out yet. Pretty groundbreaking show. Personally, I just want the bastards at Columbia Tri-Star to put out the second season of Soap already.

Woohoo! Get A Life. If we want our show to be released, why would we not, by default, choose (a.) for all of those silly questions? Yes, I would buy it the day it is released. Yes I would pay 200 bucks. Yes, I would wait in line for four days to get my mostest favoritest show’s entire season on DVD.

Half of those shows were not on for more than a season while tthe other half were long-running TV “classics” (T.J. Hooker is a classic in that everyone and their mother can tell you what it was). I guess Get A Life was only on for two, though, wasn’t it?

“They fed you jacks?”

“I didn’t eat them, but they’re in me.”

I voted for Action.

I don’t know what Get A Life is.

I was torn over a few of the shows. In the end it was between Action and Get A Life. I chose GAL because I taped all the action episodes (even the unaired) when they played on Trio about a year ago.

A little secret about action folks. The show started to go completely to hell in the last couple episodes, I couldn’t see it going much further.


Wake me up when they release “Police Squad!” on DVD.

Yeah, this and, for me, “The Rockford Files” are both highly desirable DVD’s.