If you want to feel sad about Mass Effect, check out what's new in Anthem

Title If you want to feel sad about Mass Effect, check out what's new in Anthem
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When November 6, 2019

November 7th, remembered as "N7 Day" for the Mass Effect franchise, hasn't really been a thing since Mass Effect Andromeda crashed and burned in 2017. This year, Electronic Arts and BioWare are celebrating N7 Day by offering cosmetic goodies for sale in Anthem..

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le sigh.


No feeling sad for me thank you, I’m currently enjoying another run through of Andromeda. I’ll take enjoying what I have over lamenting what I don’t.

Tying those two (failed) games together even more… amazing.

$8 Anthem skins to celebrate Mass Effect? That’s a bummer.

For those who wrote it off when it first came out, I do recommend Andromeda on PC. My experience with it was relatively bug free, and I view it as a worthy entry in the Mass Effect franchise. (I also think the previous Mass Effect games, which I enjoy a lot, are placed on too high a pedestal. All the Mass Effect games have their fair share of problems.)

EA should’ve put them in Apex instead despite it not being a Bioware product. Probably a lot more players that would be interested.

These should have been free to anyone who logs-in to Anthem on the week of Nov 7th, just to get people to try the game again. Instead EA got greedy, as is their nature.

Eh, I think of this like Miracle Max: “It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.” One could look at these, yes, very small efforts to keep memory of Mass Effect alive as gauging interest, possibly even stoking it. They’ve said they’re not abandoning the IP and I believe them. I can wait until the stars come around again.

More than what BioWare/EA have done for N7 day.

High five from a fellow Andromeda apologist! Maybe EA will add Anthem skins to Andromeda when Anthem day rolls around again.


I could have sworn we had a thread around here somewhere to talk about that sort of thing.

It’s so sad because they almost had something there, and then I can only imagine people who think 8 dollar skins to celebrate game is a good idea got a hold of it.

Combat was fun at, but everything else just seemed to get in the way of that.

They’re only $8 if you choose to spend real money on them, which I don’t know why anyone would given you can also buy them with in-game currency you get from doing just about anything.

Maybe this massively changed, but isn’t it exceedingly slow to get that currency, and you still have to buy Anthem right, like pay real money just to play it. It’s not F2P… right?

I don’t think it’s exceedingly slow to get the in-game money, but that’s going to be a YMMV kind of thing. And no, Anthem isn’t f2p yet but it has gotten pretty cheap at times, like under $10.

It’s very slow and takes a few days of grinding to get enough for one suit. These are time limited so FOMO encourages RMT