If you wanted to play King of Dragon Pass but never got around to it


And you are an apple person...(iphone,ipad,itouch...)

and would be interested in beta testing.

They are taking a limited number of testers


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Too bad I'm not an apple person.


Yeah, I discovered this a short while ago, after having dug out KoDP again. I'm not an apple person either, but I'm hoping this will be a success. Maybe then, we could get an updated version for the pc.


Wow, it's great that David is finally trying to get KoDP on the ithingies.


This is the game Kalle did the epic AAR for, right? I'm signing up for a beta post haste!


That almost makes me want an ithingy.


KoDP on the iPad would be AWESOME. Too bad I'm not qualified since I've played it before.


I emailed today to volunteer to beta test since I've never actually played (though I loved reading the QT3 AAR). Hopefully I'll get in the beta (or eventually get it to play the finished version on my iPod touch)!


I'll give it a shot to get in tonight when I can see the device ID on the ol' iPad. I really loved the AAR we had here, and always wanted to try out the game!


Hooray! More reason to lavish love onto my iPhone.


I can't wait for this. Shame there won't be a native iPad version, but I'm sure it'll be fine played scaled up.



Chronicle of the trials and triumphs of the Quarterlin(g) clan in Dragon Pass

Epic Kalle is epic.


I'm not an i-phone type of person, but i loved(and love) KoDP on PC. I feel slightly strange that i can see it working well on the i-phone, or other portable mediums......

Is this going to be done by a-sharp as for the original game? There is no info about this on the KoDP website?


The Developing King of Dragon Pass for iOS blog is signed by David Dunham, who's also behind A Sharp. Whether that's the company he'll use for the release I don't know but wouldn't that be the simple thing to do?


He just emailed me back and said he was full, so don't bother emailing him.

I'll be intrigued to see his price - going on his marketing/sales strategy for KoDP so far it'll be like $60 and won't ever go on sale. And you'll need to write to them so they can send you a handwritten unlock code.



Yes, their strategy for King of Dragon Pass does sort of boggle the mind. It's like they were embarrassed to have made it.


The fact that they're emphatically not a games company probably has something to do with it.


Companies that are emphatically not games companies don't make games. The way they handled sales, especially once all the online stores like Steam opened, was silly from every conceivable business angle. I tried to order a copy a few years ago using their archaic request system and neither received it nor heard a peep from them despite emailing them several times. That qualifies me to beta test this one since I've never played it, but since they're full up I guess I'll just have to fork over my $60 when it releases for real.


He's always said that digital downloading would be impossible for scary technical reasons. I asked him on his blog why he didn't just release the ISO for download and he said 'that sounds complicated'. I suggested he talk to GOG and he didn't reply.

Again, bless. I love KoDP and find the whole thing pretty charming, but in a world where a google for 'King of Dragon Pass Torrent' gets nine and a quarter million hits, it would seem that the technical hurdles to turning the game into a bitstream are shall we say surmountable.


Tracy, where the he'll are you getting 60 bucks? It's $19.99 for the PC and Mac. Do you think he's going to jack up the price for the Apple Store, home of the 99 cent app?

I actually found ordering KoDP pretty easy. And I'm a lazy curmudgeon.